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Sep 29, 2007 03:30 PM

Lebanese butcher and Chepita's house

Quick report on LB in falls church (off of 66) and Chepita's house in chantilly (metrotech, near the lowes).

Lebanese butcher is good stuff. The food is simple and the people are nice. I have read a couple reviews on other sites talking about the smell from the butcher side, but it didn't bother us. Some other patrons were.. confused by the bone saw sound though!

Sometimes you worry about walking in to a place where you dont know what is going on, but this place made me feel comfortable. Something comical about a 5'2" chef behind a 5'1" counter you order at. They obviously care about what they are doing and their food much more than convenient countertops.

Chepita's house is a newer chicken place in what might be the next ethnic maul in the area. Maybe one day it will be the place to go. As for the food, its all good. I was expecting just some basic chicken and not much else but they have a ton of goodness, even civiche on the weekends.

So far everything I have tried is good, except for the fries. Nothing wrong with them, but nothing special. The chicken is on par or better than pollo inca but nowhere near pollo rico. The pork is tasty, and the other thing I cant remember the word for also tasted great :)

I'll update if I can remember what the name was.

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  1. I still haven't figured out whether to order at the counter or order from a host at Lebanese Butcher. My first few visits, I ordered at the counter and they brought out my food when it was ready. Then one day at lunch, I started to walk to the counter to place an order and a nice gentleman wearing a tie stopped me and said "Oh, I'll take your order. We're a regular restaurant" so I told him what I wanted, and it was brought out to me. I was in there for lunch the other day and I picked up a menu from the table, sat down, and waited for someone to take my order . . and waited . . . and waited . . and waited. The woman at the counter could see me sitting there and never came over, and never asked me to come up to the counter and order (which I eventually did).

    Maybe they tried to be a restaurant but the patrons still thought of it as a butcher shop and market with a place to eat attached. Still good food, though.