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Sep 29, 2007 02:25 PM

Mexican in Sedona?

We will be in Sedona in about 2 weeks, and since Mexican food is so iffy in the Northeast, would like to know if there is anyplace in Sedona that can be recommended for dinner.

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  1. You may want to try Cafe Elote @ The King's Ransom Inn in Sedona. Jeff Smedstadt the chef had a fabulous restaurant in Scottsdale and a wonderful following.....

    Kings Ransom Sedona
    771 Hwy 179, Sedona, AZ 86336

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    1. re: ciaogal

      I would recommend Cafe Elote too. I had brunch there in August. (They're no longer doing that.) The food I had then would make me go back and have dinner.

    2. There is also Oaxaca. Very reasonable prices and solid Mexican food. Good mix of central mexican dishes and more typical Sonoran style food you find in Az.
      It is right on the main drag but I don't recall the address.

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      1. re: kmarg

        I would avoid Oaxaca. No good reports from there in recent years (and it was never all that good, imo).

        Casa Bonita in West Sedona (Basha's Center) is reliable. See
        Attractive dining room too.

        Cheers -- Pete Tillman
        Rimrock, AZ

        1. re: Tillman


          Thanks for the warning, but it came a few days too late for us. We stayed at the BW across the street from Oaxaca, and the convenience (and the 1/2 bottle of wine we had on the terrace of our room with an incredible view) made it irresistable. But to all who read this thread, STAY AWAY from Oaxaca. It stinks.

          1. re: albinoni

            Sorry I mentioned it! I haven't eaten there in a couple of years, but it must have taken a serious turn for the worst since then ...

            1. re: kmarg

              That's OK, it's one of the facts of life that places can go downhill without warning. But because it was so convenient, we probably would have ended up there anyway.

          2. re: Tillman

            I withdraw my reco for the Casa Bonita in Sedona. We ate there a few weeks ago. My chicken tacos were (barely) acceptable. My wife's entree (which I've forgotten) she pronounced inedible (I had a bit, & thought it OK, mas o menos). My stepson ate their earlier this fall, & reported the worst flour tortillas he's had in "years".

            I haven't been back to Elote yet. My wife & her son ate their twice recently. He liked both his meals -- steak & shrimp, ims. My wife had the snapper twice. First time, great. 2nd, just OK. So they have consistency probems, what a surprise!

            Sedona isn't a great eating-out town, I'm afraid. But it has other virtues! {GG}

            Cheers -- Pete Tillman

        2. A quick report on Cafe Elote: We spent Thanksgiving in Sedona, so we had dinner there the night before. FANTASTIC.
          I am still thinking of the Elote appetizer, made with sweet white corn and cotija cheese. I wish they sold big ol' bowls of it for dinner, it was so good.

          I had the Carnitas for dinner, Husband had the special that day - Puerco en Chipotle. I tried one of my father-in-law's Chicken Mole Tacos, and they were great as well.

          The vibe is casual, you will see everything from $200 jeans with fancy shoes to kids in jeans and hoodies. The bonus is that it's kid friendly, with a kids menu - The quesadilla was quickly gobbled up. They also have high chairs for those of us with little ones.

          Jeff has done a great job transitioning from Scottsdale to Sedona.

          Get the Elote app....Get the Elote app.