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Sep 29, 2007 02:17 PM

great place for 10 peeps in Hollywood tonight


looking for some delicious food for 10 people tonight in Hollywood, some good fish on the menu, reasonably priced...


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  1. Thats going to be tough my friend. You need a BIG place, hopefully with a patio. Orso...might do it....Campanile has lots of room.....I dont envy you at all.

    1. How about Los Balcones?

      1. Try Citizen Smith or Magnolia. Not the highest end food but decent and festive and can probably still get a large table in. Also Cafe des Artistes.

        1. Fabiolus Cafe also has fish on the menu. There's also another seafood restaurant around the block from Magnolia and Fabiolus Cafe... if I recall the name... oh yeah, it's Sushi Ike.

          1. Reasonably priced is all relative

            Falcon has a great patio.
            Geisha House
            Hungry Cat for seafood

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              Hungry Cat of course, but doubt you're getting 10 people in there tonight.