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Sep 29, 2007 01:06 PM

Vietnamese Pho

Anyone have suggestions for authentic Vietnamese Pho? I've been going to Nam Song in Chinatown and its pretty good, but I'm still looking for something closer to the Vietnamese restaurants you find in the los angeles.

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  1. Cong Ly on Hester is the best pho in Manhattan.

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      agreed cong ly is the best in ctown (although LA is much better)

      1. re: Lau

        Lau, have you tried any in Sunset Park? I've yet to make it there but I here the Viet food is much better than c-town.

        1. re: KTinNYC

          Even better than Sunset Park is Pho Tay Ho in Bensonhurst (on 86th St.). The Outer Boroughs Board is the place to ask this question.

          1. re: bobjbkln

            Tay Ho may have the best Pho I've had in NY, which isn't saying much. I don't think Sunset Park choices are any better than Chinatown. NYC is Vietnamese deprived, unfortunately.


          2. re: KTinNYC

            unfortunately i have not made it out to sunset park...i've heard the viet food is better out there, but i generally have stayed in manhattan and flushing (just me being lazy)...although except for bahn mi, i havent heard of anything in sunset park that has made me want to go run out there

            fyi, the viet food in ctown is generally fairly bad

            1. re: Lau

              Same here, laziness and the plethora of choices have kept me in Manhattan as well. I also agree that the Viet choices in Manhattan's Chinatown are all pretty bad, Cong Ly being the best.

          3. re: Lau

            Wow on your recommends went to Cong ly. It is the best.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Sounds like Cong Ly is it, I'll be trying it soon. thanks so much for the suggestions.

            1. Why didn't anyone say Nha Trang (not the one on Centre St., the one on Baxter St.)? I usually eat (many) other things there, but the pho is good.

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              1. re: christene

                had the pho at Nha Trang recently and was somewhat disappointed. found it bland. i think New Pasteur next door is a notch better.

                1. re: jeanki

                  I go back and forth between those two restaurants depending on what I want to eat but generally prefer Nha Trang. I will try to pho at New Pasteur, though.

              2. New Viet Huang on Mulberry Street. Get the most expensive one they have, with a wonderful assortment cuts of meat, for around six dollars.