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Sep 29, 2007 12:46 PM

Good Eats in Cleveland

Will be relocating to Cleveland mid-November. Any chowhound recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I like just about everything but sushi. :)

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  1. There is GREAT food in Cleveland. Fire, Moxie, Baricelli Inn, Lola, Lolita, Parallax, Farenheit, Paladar, probably Dante's (was amazing as Lockkeepers and changing it's name/menu but still same chef), Light Bistro, Flying Fig - I think I got most of the high end places with great reps. I've eaten at a lot but some have opened since I've moved.

    Great bar = Velvet Tango Room

    There are great other foodie things there too.

    The "less high end" places like ethnic fare/dives/middle of the road places will be based probably on where in town you'll be since things can be pretty spread out. Do you know yet?

    Make sure you check old posts because there are A LOT on this topic if you use the search here on chow.

    oh and extras -
    get bread at On the RIse
    get beer from Great Lakes (you can get it lots of places in Cleveland)
    get meat from Mr. Brisket & the sausage shoppe

    could go on and on...

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    1. I've only been to Cleveland a few times, but last time we were there we wanted steak, somewhere not too upscale. We were staying downtown (Crowne Plaza right in front of the stadium) and wanted something within walking distance. Staff there suggested Chophouse. It was a good traditional-type steakhouse (think Morton's.) I guess it's a small chain. We had good food and enjoyed the evening, although we didn't have anything that would really differentiate it from other similar steakhouses. But the steak was cooked well, the sides were great, the serving sizes were large, the home-brewed beer was great, and the frozen bar was amazing. It won't be the most amazing meal of your life, but it was a lot of fun. I'd give it a shot at least once.

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      1. re: Ditdah

        it's not terrible but there are better things in cleveland. have heard red is the best steakhouse if that's what you're into. it's owned by the moxie folks.

        1. re: Ditdah

          I ate at The Chophouse a couple of years ago on a one day layover to visit the R&R HOF. I went there out of desperation and hunger when the place my hotel recommended was closed. It was edible but pedestrian. I had some sort of pork chop main, which was good, but unmemorable. They did have some sort of skillet corn bread that wasn't bad. And a jazz combo.

          I should have gone to Waterhouse (name?), which I later learned was not far away.

          1. re: Ditdah

            I would have recommended Hyde Park Grill across from Morton's. As good or better entre's at better prices.

          2. I know the East Side quite well, but not the west side...

            Authentic (sort of) Mexican: Luchitas (Shaker Square)
            Up-scale Tex-Mex: Lopez (Cleveland Heights)
            Thai: Lemongrass (Cleveland Heights)
            Chineese: Hunan Coventry (Cleveland Heights)
            Japanese (includes lots of non-sushi): Shuhei (Beachwood)
            Italian: Marotta's (Cleveland Heights)
            Turkish: Antolia Cafe (Ceder Center)
            Indian: Saffron Patch (Shaker Heights)

            Upscale (to varying degrees):
            Savara (Brazilian, Shaker Square)
            Moxie (New American, Beachwood)
            Giovanni's (Northern Italian, Beachwood)
            Boulevard Blue (New American, near Shaker Square)
            Sans Souci (Modern Provencal, Downtown)
            Valerio's (Tuscan, Little Italy, lots of $$$ for what it is but still worth a mention)
            Baracelli Inn (French and Italian, Little Italy)

            It is a chain, but the best steakhouse in the city is Flemmings in Beachwood (or technically, it might be Woodmere)

            Tops in the city:
            Lola (Downtown, New American)

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            1. re: whiner

              Was also an east sider...
              Marotta's and Anatola are awesome. Thing Mekong is better thai in Cleveland Heights (and have heard Mint is even better - it opened in Coventry after I moved away). Also heard Sun Luck Garden was a hidden Chinese gem in Cleveland Heights. We liked the Colony for a mix of bar food and better.
              Mama Santa's and Geraci's also have good pizza.

              1. re: AMFM

                I have been to Mint. Very good. More authentic than Lemongrass, I think, actually.

            2. Since you don't mention what part of Cleveland I will mention some westside places.
              Player's on Madison-Lakewood, always great food and service
              Don's Lighthouse-Cleveland, almost at Lakewood border
              Pier W-Lakewood, not my fave, but spectacular views
              Viva Barcelona-Westlake, bit seafood-heavy, but great with formal service
              Breadsmith-Lakewood, fresh-baked breads w/o preservatives
              Three Birds-Lakewood

              I'm sure that I am missing a lot, but this is a good start. Welcome!

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              1. re: gourmanda

                I agree with all above from gounrmanda, including Gourmanda's comments, but can't vouch for Breadsmith or Three Birds yet.

              2. And since no one has done the "middle of town" Ohio city/tremont
                there's Lucky's for brunch, Sokolowski's (divey eastern european - on anthony bourdain's recent NR of cleveland), fat cats, ty fun (sp?), the west side market with city roast coffee and ohio city pasta, lelolai, and more i'm sure i'm forgetting

                you'll enjoy the food scene in cleveland.

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                1. re: AMFM

                  And, of course, Lolita's (the less expensive/more casual/wine bar version of Lola's) which is still absolutely excellent.

                  1. re: whiner

                    totally agreed! but that and parallax and farenheit and flying fig i had listed above. :)