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Sep 29, 2007 12:43 PM

French press replacement parts in Boston?

Before I spend my day hitting every possible store in the Boston area, does anyone know where I can find french press replacement parts in Boston? I don't have access to a car, but paying $3.95 shipping for a $3.00 filter to order online seems silly.


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  1. Rey the dept stores that sell them. I bought mine at Jordan Marsh(haven't broken it for a while). Try Macys, Williams Sonoma, Starbucks, etc

    1. I went looking for replacement parts a couple of years ago when I broke my carafe and was unable to find them, and Kitchen Etc. was still open then. I would up having to buy a whole new one, so now I have two filters.

      If you do find replacement parts, please let me know.

      1. I run an old fashioned five and dime in Concord, and do have some replacement carafes, but I have found that most brand names (Bodum, etc.) use unique sizes to force you to purchase their parts. They also will not sell those parts to anyone who does not already do business with them, and most will not sell to anyone but 'gourmet' coffee shops. (...Chains....). I doubt that you will find any parts at all without going to the stores that carry the original press. Or ordering online. With the price of gas, it may be simpler to pay the $3.95. I can't even get Krups to return my phone calls because I do not actually sell fresh brewed coffee. True.

        1. You might try giving Kitchen Arts on Newbury Street a call.

          However, even if you do find FP filters in the Boston area, if it's not within walking distance, isn't a round trip on the "T" close to $3.95 these days? Plus, I'll bet local stores charge more than $3.00 for a FP filter, even if you do find them.

          1. I should have many parts in my basement. Am happy to share. Which parts? what size?