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Sep 29, 2007 12:43 PM

Flour, seaport location

having a group over for the day tomorrow. tried some sandwiches and cookies from flour this morning for research and really liked everything. i tried to order a few dozen of their 'bite-size' sandwiches, pastries and cookies for tomorrow, with a 10:15 pick-up.
after being told 'no problem', i gave the entire order (over the phone). after, she asked me to hold on, then said they could do the pastry and cookie order by 10:15, but there was no way they could have the sandwiches done before 11. since they open at 9, this seems strange to me and i had to cancel the whole order, since i need everything by 10:15.

placed a sandwich order at whole foods instead, fresh sandwiches on their focacia bread from the pizza oven, plus great pastries and cookies. no problem to get it at 10 and they deliver!

seems odd to me that flour wouldn't try a little harder for a $300+ order. i've worked in similar places and we would never turn down that order, when it seems manageable to accomodate.

anyway, left a bad taste in my mouth about the place.

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  1. I am fairly certain they staff down on the weekends over there, not much traffic. My guess would be that they not only maybe didnt have enough in to produce your order and have enough for the store. and opening at 9 with the coffee and pastry rush, I am not sure they have to man power to create your order. rather turn it away than disappoint you by not having it ready.

    Sweet to learn that whole food delivers!

    1. I suspect you wouldn't have had this issue if you had placed the order at the original South End Flour, which has a bigger kitchen and a larger crew. The seaport location is smaller and, as Marthayou says, almost certainly comparatively understaffed.

      1. At least they were honest and straightforward. A couple of years ago, I had the same situation in that neighborhood. The place gladly took the order and $. They made the sandwiches the day before and sent someone in the next morning to deliver them--ice cold, soggy and on day old bread. mmm.