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Sep 29, 2007 12:01 PM

Help -- Sunday Brunch for 15


New to the city and looking for help. I need to plan a Sunday brunch for 15 somewhere in Boston (thinking either South End or Cambridge, but open to suggestions). Any ideas for somewhere fairly inexpensive that will take a reservation? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The Langham has a Jazz Brunch. It might be more than you want to spend though.

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    1. re: Jill Brazil

      As I will be most likely be footing the bill, that is significantly more than I was planning on spending. Some ideas I have gotten are S & S in Cambridge and Aquitaine in the South End. Not sure if they will take reservations though. Any thoughts?

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        Please don't eat at S&S, it's really poor and not that cheap. The Blue Room is probably too rich for you ($23 buffet), but our friends love the brunch there and the place is certainly big enough for your party.

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          Aquitaine does take reservations and that might work for you. Union in the South End also takes reservations and might be able to accommodate a bigger group.

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            I love the brunch at Aquitaine, though squeezing you all in may be tight. Masa has a great brunch as well and I think they could accomodate your group easily.

        2. The Stanhope Grille does a decent, if not spectacular, breakfast buffet for $16/person, although at some point on Sunday they take away the buffet and switch to an a la carte menu. They have a lovely wine room off of the main dining room that might be large enough for you.

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            I was there today, and it looked like the wine room only can accommodate 10. I suspect they could accommodate you in the main dining room, if that interests you. They normally take the breakfast buffet away at around 11:30, but I was told they were leaving it out later today for a morning-after wedding party, so apparently they're flexible. In terms of quality, my experience today was consistent with the past: decent, not spectacular. Price is now $18. Half price for kids. That includes all beverages and made-to-order eggs, omelets and waffles. No upcharges for anything as far as I can tell. So for me and two eight-year-olds, the bill was $36 plus tax and tip.

          2. sibling rivalry can easily accomodate a group that size and their brunch is cheap. a la carte, not buffet, but very reasonable.

            gaslight could easily fit your group too.

            1. JJ Foley's just started serving brunch in the SE and it is great. They will take reservations and it is very affordable. Good amount of selections. I ate there for the first time and was quite pleased. It is a great alternative to the SE Sunday brunch scene, which can be overwhealming. Also, Masa in the SE has a great brunch with a 7.95 prix fixe!! Always a good time at Masa, and they will indeed take a reservation