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Sep 29, 2007 11:35 AM

In Paris, Need Casual Recom. for the 6th

I will be here for 4 weeks, and have my list of all the restaurants we want to hit this time. Unfortunately another couple that will be with us for a week or so, do not share our enthusiasm for French food, nor their prices, and we would like to find some nicer (non-touristy) casual and lower priced bistros/restaurant in the 6th, near St. Sulpice if possible, where I can take them.

I am eagerly awaiting our breakaway to begin on my list

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  1. Le Comptoir or Fish could make them change their mind. Close and inexpensive and quite good. Les fontaines is further from touristic area. Also Louis Vin.

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      Thank you for your reply to my request for restaurants in Paris. Last night I ate at Jadis in the 15th and thought it was good, but not great. The diners were all Americans. I hope this isn't the kiss of death for this bistro. Today, I ate at Les Terrines at 97 Rue de Cherche Midi in the Bon Marche neighborhood. The people who run the restaurant were very sympatique and the food was reasonable and good. Again, the food was good, but not great.

      Enofile/ December 27, 2008

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        sad to say, I think it's probably harder to get a great meal in Paris at this time of year, as so many places are closed and chefs are away, even if their places are open.

        If I were trying to eat well dining out this particular week, I would try to stick close to the Marais and hotel restaurants.

    2. Rotisserie en Face, a sibling of Jacques Cagna, is wonderful and reasonable (as Paris goes these days).

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        I found a trip there very disappointing a year ago as compared to my experiences in the past. Maybe the kitchen has improved ... I sure hope so! I used to love that place.

      2. while in the 5th (not the 6th) try Le Petit Pontoise. It will meet their $ wants and your food desires.

        1. Huiterie Regis near Mabillon metro is the size of a closet, but great look, oysters, and wine

          1. You might like to try Les Chapentiers on rue Mabillon (quite close to San Surplice) It is a wonderful traditional bistro with a good prix fixe and daily plats that are famous. I second the reco. for Le Comptoir and La Rotisserie d'en Face (it was the second restaurant, I ate in, in Paris).

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              I love Les Charpentiers - didn't get a chance to eat there last visit b/c of the transportation strike.