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Sep 29, 2007 10:40 AM

late dinner near the 9:30 club?

I know this topic was discussed a few months ago, but the show tonight (Iron & Wine, yeah!) is an early one so I'd like to get dinner after the show and wasn't sure what my options for dinner around 11pm would be, if any? (Up here in B'more precious few places are open late!) The previous posts suggested Bar Pilar, Ooohs & Aaahs, Ben's Chilli Bowl, and Duffy's. Will these places be open after the show? Any place else? Thanks!

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  1. Ben's will certainly be open after the show. I have heard that Ooohs and Aaahs is open late but I'm not sure til what time.

    Another option would be Busboys and Poets which is open until 2am on Saturdays. I really enjoy the food there (especially their chocolate layer cake and their catfish entree). You can also grab drinks or coffee there and check out their great book store. Only a few streets down from 9:30 Club. If you are looking for a more sit down dinner (which is still casual) I would certainly suggest Busboys and Poets.

    1. Isn't the 9:30 pretty close to the U Street Ethiopian restaurants? They just start warming up around 9:30 and are all open quite late.

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        Indeed it is, and that's where we ended up - at Etete, which is very close, good, and open until 3 am. Thanks

      2. The original comment has been removed