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Sep 29, 2007 10:05 AM

Breakfast in the UWS between 100th and 110th Street. Any recommendations?


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  1. Absolute Bagel
    Hungarian Pastry Shop (a little north of your preferred area)

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    1. re: Lucia

      I'd skip the Hungarian. The pastries aren't great, people like it mostly for the ambiance.

      Absolute for bagels; Samad's Gourmet for muffins; Silver Moon for croissants; Crêpes on Columbus for, well, crêpes; Zanny's for the breakfast wraps; Noche Mexicana for the huevos a la mexicana.

    2. Just south of your area, but Malecon (98th and A'dam) has great Spanish breakfast. Silver Spoon bakery on B'way and 105 is also a good bet.

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      1. re: das

        You mean Silver *Moon* bakery on Bway and 105? Yes, they have the best croissants. But it's really small (in terms of sitting down). We also like Henry's (also Bway/105-ish). It's not spectacular but it's pretty good for omelettes and such and they have a large outdoors area.

      2. Broadway (?) Diner (101-102 on Broadway) (correct me if I have name wrong) ..I lived on 102 and WEA for 2 years and we nicknamed it the "funky" diner to distinguish it from the upscale place a couple of blocks down. Eggs, good rye toast, coffee, crusty employees who want to attach but can't if you only visit periodically. But the very best thing is -- UWS intelligencia arguing about anything and everything on a daily basis. I would write at home alone and go listen to these folks while I ate and edited and go home feeling I'd learned something.