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Sep 29, 2007 09:38 AM

Jiro vs Kyubei sushi

I am going to Tokyo from Oct 6-13. I have tried Jiro at Ropponggi Hill on my last 2 trips and I really enjoyed it very much, especially the first time. Can anybody who has tried both Jiro and Kyubei tell me the difference in the quality of the food? I am trying to decide if I want to go back to Jiro or try Kyubei this time. Any comment will be appreciated.

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  1. went to kyubei on Monday and really really loved it. I am a sushi fanatic, if that helps to judge the comment a bit. Give it a try! Lunch is well worth the $80 per person.

    1. I would like to know about this as well. I have had dinner at kyuubei ginza a few months ago and that was fantastic! There seems to be some difference in quality amongst the sushi-yas for people who have gone to lunch rather then dinner, the dinner typically being much better. With the the whole michellin rating kyubei only one star and jiro 3, I find it hard to believe that there could be sushi two whole levels greater then the meal I had but I definitely want to find out. I'm going to try urusawa here in los angeles soon which got 2 stars I believe.

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        Sushi shops will withhold their higher quality neta for evening customers, who may be regulars and/ or tend to spend more.

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          I started this thread about a year ago and did go for lunch at Kyubei on that trip. Maybe it was the "lunch" effect but it was truly disappointing. Maybe Silverjay was right, they save the best stuff for regular clients. But I was spending a lot; I recall I picked the Yen 20k menu that is normally reserved for dinner, and for that price range, I thought I had the worst deal for sushi in Tokyo. On that same trip, I went back to have lunch at Jiro at Ropponggi Hill, and the comparison is easy since it is just a few days apart. No doubt Jiro is much better than Kyubei, based on that experience. I would rate Mizutani and Kanesaka, both at Ginza as well, way ahead of Kyubei too. I also felt Kyubei is way too big, the Ginza branch occupies 3 or 4 floors of the building, and lack the intimacy of the other three. I suspected that is why they lost out in the quality control.

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            since u already tried and u felt that kyubei standard does not compare.. why would u want to return??? maybe you should try some other sushi restaurants like saitou.. but i recalled u had sushi mizutani for lunch the other time right... so maybe u should try mizutani for dinner... read from alot of people that the original jiro doesnt really like foreigners...

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              Please read the dates of the posts. I started this thread on Sept 30, 2007, before my trip to decide if I should give Kyubei a try, which I eventually did on that trip. Somehow, this thread was revisited recently and I just update what I thought of my experience a year ago. I don't plan to return there but definitely Sushi Saitou is on the priority list on my next trip.