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Sep 29, 2007 09:24 AM

Best Pho in Boston/Cambridge/Brookline

I'm on a quest to find the best bowl of pho. Any suggestions!?

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  1. I don't think the answer has changed much in 5 months...

    1. Since I didn't chime in on the earlier thread, I'll put in a vote for Xinh Xinh in Chinatown, where I recently had an excellent beef pho with ribeye, tripe, and tendon. Very nice, and not too huge (I feel bad when I can't finish everything).

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I had an excellent bowl there recently, as well. Tasty! Fresh! Plus a clean and pleasant spot with friendly service.

      2. Pho 2000 in Dorchester on Adams St., right off Dot Ave/Fields Corner is awesome

        1. I can't say theirs is the best because I haven't tried enough of the Boston-area pho places, but I like Pho Pasteur. The seafood version of their pho -- it has shrimp, squid, & fishcakes -- is very tasty.

          Oh -- I was amazed to find a pho restaurant (its name escapes me) in Randolph, MA. a few years ago. The noodle soup, appetizers, and Vietnamese coffee were all surprisingly (considering the depressed location) good.

          1. How much does pho usually run in Boston? I've only ever gotten it in Seattle where it was $3-$5 depending on the size of the bowl.

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            1. re: thunderbug84

              I'd say $4-6 is probably more common at local Vietnamese restaurants, with extra large bowls sometimes going for $7-8. I've seen a child-size bowl of pho here and there for $3.

              At Pho Republique, a hipster hangout in the South End with a menu of gussied-up, overpriced pan-Asian food, you can pay as much as $24 for a bowl of duck pho. But I think even their cheaper versions of pho ($16-17) are bad, bastardized versions of a dish that shouldn't be messed with. I generally avoid eating here if I can; it's a cool place for a drink, though.

              Myers+Chang is another South End place that does upmarket versions of dishes from various Asian cuisines. Their pho is $10, if I recall, but I haven't tried it. With limited exposure to their menu (the place is brand-new), I'd say its food is vastly superior to Pho Republique's. I'm going to give that pho a shot sometime soon.