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Sep 29, 2007 08:57 AM

Gravy is Big Trout

Gravy has morphed into "Big Trout"--an extension? expansion? of the adjoining Trout. Menu has some seafood, some diner. Daily specials include a $15.50 lobster dinner on Mondays. I'm remembering things like catfish po'boy, crab cakes (I think that was a weekday special) burger, surf & turf, fried clam strips, 1/2 doz oysters ....actually, I crossed the street to look at the menu thinking that this might really hip and found myself sort of less enthused after reading it---like a missed opportunity. But it could evolve into something.

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  1. All four of the places are the same folks anyway, with shared kitchen. LaRosa Pizza morphed into Pacific Pizza, Gravy's backyard spawned Trout, now Trout takes over Gravy, with Pacifico remaining as is (for now). It's all the Alan Harding crew, creating an ever changing array of faux old places w/hip updates. Not that this makes it bad but I find it hard to take any of it seriously, since they obviously dont.

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      On point but not entirely true. The Trout/ Pacifico kitchens are completely separate with different staffs. The new menu looks like "trout plus" with the better items from Gravy and some new seafood added on. It's going for a casual "fish shack" vibe.

      1. is there still a blue-plate tuesday special of honey-dipped fried chicken available at any of these rotating places? been meaning to try that . . . I believe it was at gravy