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Sep 29, 2007 08:46 AM

Pad Thai in Annapolis

Heading over to Annapolis this afternoon (dodging the Navy game traffic) to try the new Pad Thai restaurant on West Street, across from Rams Head. Their online menu looks a bit more extensive than that for Lemongrass.

Has anyone tried this new place yet? The teak decor looks great.

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  1. I haven't had personal experience, but my Mom lives right by both she has had it and likes it better than Lemongrass, but she also thinks Lemongrass has slow service or quite a wait a lot of time, so that might also play a factor.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      I hear that the cook is the original cook from Lemongrass, when lemongrass was good.

      1. re: bryang

        Good to hear. I ate there last Saturday for a late lunch. Menu a bit broader than Lemongrass, but a lot of the same staples. The decor is MUCH nicer, with beautiful wood, windows opening onto Inner (as opposed to Outer) West Street, and cheerful service. It's my new Thai staple.

    2. Had dinner here last week. Great food and excellent service. Recommend!

      1. I dined at Thai Pad today and was disappointed. I found the service inattentive and the pad thai with chicken was not as good as Lemongrass. The shrimp that I added had a strange flavor. The wait staff were hard to communicate with and we had to repeat our order several times. Our entrees came out and they forgot about our appetizer order, which we didnt want at that point. A big disappointment - stick with lemongrass!!

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          Rumor has it that the people who run this place are Lemongrass alum. If this is the case the disjointed service I have come to expect from Lemongrass must have come with them.