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Sep 29, 2007 08:44 AM

New Whole foods market in Tustin

Has anyone been to the new Whole Foods market in tustin it is the biggest market I have ever been to. The selection in every dept is huge.

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  1. As in many other aspects in life, bigger is not necessarily better.

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    1. re: RicRios

      Exactly, plus the parking sucks so it's off the radar.

    2. I am there at least two times a week and I appreciate their selection . I never have a problem with the parking, even on the weekend. I specially like the chocolate and ice cream selection. Their ciao bella gelato is pretty good too.

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      1. re: mrsjoujou

        "I never have a problem with the parking, even on the weekend."

        It's not so much the parking; it's the getting in and out of the area.
        Once they open the north and east, it will get better.

      2. That place blows.

        Parking and traffic sucks. The isles are filled with people who have no interest in shopping and are just wandering aimlessly. The produce section is completely substandard. There are much better markets out there.

        1. Just getting there is the most gigantic pain in the arse possible. You can't enter at all from Jamboree, but that's where the sign is -- so if you don't turn on Michelson (coming from, say, Newport Beach), then you're stuck as the road turns into the 261, you have to figure out how to exit for Warner, and then find your way past the Costco gas station. The parking is hard to figure out, but there's at least plenty of it. The private drives have bizarre angles, unexpected stop signs, and nary a straight line to be seen anywhere. When the whole shebang is open and it's Christmas shopping season, it is going to be the most unimaginably bad nightmare.

          Once inside it's quite nice -- the meat department is very good, though the produce is just OK and it's worth going to the Irvine FM or Wholesome Choice instead. There are some very odd things missing at the Whole Paycheque -- they have lots of fancy duck mousses in the charcuterie, but no pate de campagne. They have random cheese from every corner of the globe, but no ricotta. They have ground lamb, ground veal and even ground buffalo, but when I wanted ground pork they had to go grind it for me. They have fresh pasta in four flavours (plain egg, spinach, sun-dried tomato and squid ink) but don't have dried ziti.

          The service in the departments is excellent -- they will let you try anything, and when I didn't need a whole boneless turkey breast they cut one in half for me.

          The service up front, though, is a disaster. The checkers have been abominably rude and SLOW each of the four times I've been. Actually, the whole process is slow, which is a bad idea when you have a four-month-old infant with you (lovingly known as "The Ticking Time Bomb" or "She Who Must Be Obeyed"). Their open-sampling policy results in much deliciousness but when you have a family of five people in front of you who are all either debating the merits of prosciutto vs. speck or having a free lunch, it is maddening.

          I still go. I can get things there I can't get easily elsewhere -- but it's not my first destination.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            You need to turn on Barranca; Michelson won't get you there.

            1. re: Philly

              As I went there today and saw the sign, I thought, "S***, am I /ever/ going to learn to double-check my posts?"

              Michelson's where Wholesome Choice is (corner of Culver) -- Barranca is where the Shopping Centre Of No Return is.

              It took me so bloody long to go shopping there today -- I did all of the weekly shopping there today to see just how long and how expensive it would be. Five meals' worth of food -- we have two regular nights when we don't cook -- took two hours and cost $123. The meals, in case you are wondering if we're dining on foie gras here, are grilled branzino with Greek salad, two nights' worth of pasilla chiles stuffed with turkey picadillo, country ham sandwiches and sautéed broccoli with lemon and garlic, and a big salad of fennel, grapefruits, avocadoes and [bought frozen] shrimp... and the Tustin Whole Foods didn't have any avocadoes or fresh oregano, so I still have to go to Northgate and spend another $5 or so.

              o/~ Woke up quick, at about noon, just thought that I had to be in Tustin soon, gotta get food before the day begins, before my family starts b****in' about our funds... o/~

              (with apologies to Eazy-E)

          2. Well, I guess I disagree. I liked the WF in the old location just off Newport but this one is bigger, nicer, has little eating places inside. I was in a similar WF in Palo Alto and I like that they've continued with that model here. I go in the off hours so I don't see as many crowds and the line is pretty quick.