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Sep 29, 2007 08:01 AM

Tucson Fried Chicken


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    1. Is LW better than Church's? Is that the best Tucson has to offer in the fried chicken dept.?

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      1. re: werewolf

        I can't vouch for LW or Church's......I just know that Lucky Wishbone is a Tucson institution....
        I am tempted to try it every time I drive by.

        1. re: ciaogal

          I just tried Lucky. Forgedaboudit! Lucky blows away the other Tucson fried chicken joints! Thanks for telling me about it, Ciao. All the years I've been here I never tried it.

          1. re: werewolf

            While the fried chicken is the mainstay of Lucky Wishbone, you are missing the boat if you do not try the steak fingers!
            If you have never stepped into a Lucky Wishbone, I hope that the following will help your experience:
            1. Think takeout, as there is no indoor table service offered, although a few locations might still have one or two cement picnic tables outside the store. If you want to eat at Lucky Wishbone then plan on eating in your car otherwise take it to your office, home, hotel room or park.
            2. The Menu is limited: Main Menu Items: Chicken, Steak Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Gizzards, Livers, Fish. Sides: Fries, Texas Toast, Onion Rings, Cole Slaw and Potato Salad. Two stores offer burgers.
            3. All orders come in a white box with fries, Texas toast and cocktail sauce. Always order extra Texas Toast and cocktail sauce!
            4. Once you place your order, pay, and sit down in a chair with a poker chip with your order number.
            5. When you are waiting for your order count how many orders are rung up and try to figure the check average amount. Stop once you realize that this is a gold mine!
            6. TIP: The extra cocktail sauce is for the dipping of the frys and Texas Toast. When opening the cocktail sauce container please remember to pull the tab towards you to defeat the mandatory one drop that on your shirt, blouse or suit.
            7. Enjoy the guilty indulgence of some really great food!
            The Underground Railroad is alive and well in Arizona as a high proportion of vehicles leaving Tucson for Phoenix, Yuma, Douglas, Nogales, CA and contain Lucky Wishbone Family Feasts!

            1. re: NitroGen

              Thanks for reminding me about them... now I've gotta bring back eegees AND Lucky Wishbone next time I go to Tucson ;-)

              1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                JK... that's actually one of my secret summer indulgences here: Lucky Wishbone steak fingers, and a lemon Eegee.

                1. re: Booklegger451

                  I went to the Lucky on Campbell. The first one I tried to find was the one on Wilmot and 22nd. Duh, where is it? is it gone? I couldn't find it, but it's listed on their website.

                  It's throwback to the 1950's, isn't it? It even looks just like the photo of their original 1950's place they have on the wall, the poker chip thing too.

                  Thanks for the Lucky Wishbone culinary taste tips, Nitro!

                  1. re: werewolf

                    If you look at the details for the 22nd & Campbell one (LW #4), you'll see they have a mention that it was open for 43 years at that location, but sadly is now closed.

              2. re: NitroGen

                I haven't been in years--it's that silly health thing--but I think you forgot shrimp in your recitation of the main dish selections. They were always my favorite!

                P.S. Thanks for mentioning the poker chips. They're proof-positive that not everything changes!

                1. re: lawyerbriefs

                  If you look at the details for the 22nd & Campbell one (LW #4), you'll see they have a mention that it was open for 43 years at that location, but sadly is now closed.


                  22nd and Wilmot. Oh, duh, no wonder I couldn't find it.

                  "that silly health thing-"

                  I wouldn't want to eat that greasy stuff every day, but now I know where to go when I need a fried chicken fix!

                  1. re: werewolf

                    Lawyerbriefs I stand corrected and I indeed feel shame:
                    Shrimp, fried of course, is an integral part of the Lucky Wishbone Menu! Please note that a little known fact is that a Family Feast can be ordered with half of like items: shrimp/steak fingers, fish/chicken fingers and gizzards and llivers!
                    FAMILY FEAST:
                    Includes: Cole Slaw, Large Fries, 5 Garlic Toast
                    Chicken 9pcs 12.45
                    Steak Fingers 18pcs 13.10
                    Shrimp 18pcs 13.10
                    Chicken Fingers 12pcs 12.75
                    Fish 12pcs 12.75
                    Gizzards 21pcs 12.05
                    Livers 21pcs 12.05

                    I no longer feel sorry for those who eat healthy and avoid fattening, fried, and good food, as they look tremendous and really healthy in their obit pics and at their viewings.

                    1. re: NitroGen

                      No need for shame! Thanks for the tidbit about splitting a Family Feast. I didn't think, having lived in Tucson for 46 years, that there was anything important I didn't know, but I was clearly wrong. As for the "healthy thing," you've obviously forgotten BIlly Crystal's famous maxim: "It's not how you feel, it's how you look." I for one, "look mahvelous!!!" We'll all be on the obit page someday, and when my day comes--too soon, for sure--I'll be the good looking one who's got the "Boy, I wish I'd had one more fried shrimp before I departed" look on his face.

                2. re: NitroGen

                  Regarding #3: Not so. If you want chicken to take home and accessorize yourself, you can get a box with precisely the chicken piece you want and no fries, TT, or sauce.

          2. Oh
            GOSH yes! Lucky Wishbone is da man! Everything there is fabulously fried, delightfully delicious and decadent - except the chicken fingers, which are right-out-of-the-frozen-bag dull.
            I dislike organ meats in general, but I love the chicken gizzards- the livers not so much. My idea of heaven right before the heart attack is a sampler of LW steak fingers, gizzards, fried chicken, breast o'chicken sandwich with most of the mayo scraped off, a burger (sort of inconsequential but good in the mix), a little coleslaw, the garlic toast, and a bucket of cocktail sauce to dunk most of it in.
            But I digress. Their fried chicken is the best, though I recommend putting it in a very low oven on several paper towels on top of a paper bag on a cookie sheet for a few minutes after you get it home. It will drain off some oil and crisp up the coating.

            Yeah. Chicken from da Bone rocks, all right.

            1. But what I usually order is a Pop Steak Fingers and a side of seven gizzards, no fries with the gizzards. They'll give you at least a dozen gizzards, plus you get that garlic toast and the cocktail sauce. Oh no- it's been almost two years since I've been there, I can see a trip to Da Bone in my near future.
              BTW- the fries are Burger King style, not McDonald's style, like it or not. But the coleslaw is tasty and high-flavored.

              Sorry about the threadjacking, by the way.

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              1. re: EWSflash

                I have been working down in Tucson this week....I broke down and Boy did I splurge!
                I hit Lucky Wishbone for Lunch yesterday! (Campbell Location)
                I ordered both the Steak Fingers (Mom size) and the fried livers and gizzards w/ a side of onion rings.....OMG I think I found heaven. There was no way a 96 lb woman could possibly eat all that food...though I did give it my best try!
                I loved it!!!
                Everything was hot, fried to perfection and fabulous!
                I even loved the fries in the LW Sauce along with the garlic toast...unfortunately I could only eat half and had to throw half away...but I satisfied a long held craving.
                I wish we had a LW in the Phoenix could be my new secret indulgence....

              2. By the way ( my final post here, I promise)- I ordered a couple of t-shirts online because their logo is a world-class retro classic, and darned if a guy didn't deliver it to the house in a LW food carton instead of by mail!

                I wouldn't expect that if I didn't live near a couple of the restaurants. But it was a fantastic touch!