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Sep 29, 2007 07:36 AM

Suggestions for Paris - 6 nights

Going to Paris on Friday. To give a frame of reference, we really liked Benoit. Definitely prefer more bistro type of restaurants. Price is irrelevant. Do not like the large brasseries like Bofinger or La Coupole. I am not interested in hip, trendy restaurants. We are staying in the 6th arrondisiment, but are open to any area.

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  1. Great bistrots include l'Ami Jean+, La Regalade+, le Comptoir du Relais+, l'Os a Moelle+, L'Antre-Amis, le Troquet, l'Absinthe, le Bistrot d'a cote, Chez Jean, Le Gourmet des Ternes, Chez Michel+, Chez Denise, Chez la vieile Adrienne, le cristal de sel, l'Ami Louis, le Severo, la fontaine de mars, le clos des gourmets. All fit your description and you should have a great time in any. The ones with a + may be considered as the ones with the best food.

    see the map of parisian bistrots (la carte des bistrots parisiens) on

    If money is no object, you should still consider some of the best restaurants in Paris (and therefore the world :-), like l'Ambroisie, l'Arpege, Taillevent, Les Elysees, Savoy or Rostang -- all reviewed in my blog but l'Arpege (can't digest the prices) and Taillevent (intend to fix that in the coming days). Savoy and Rostang in particular offer very cosy, unpretentious ambiances -- contemporary at Savoy, old style French bourgeois at Rostang.

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    1. re: souphie

      Although Chez Denise doesn't meet your + for food, it is a great Paris experience, and great fun.
      We go there on every Paris visit, as it is a favourite of my husband, and the ambience can't be compared to any other restaurant in Paris that we have ever encountered.
      Normally we share the gigantic steak with marrow bones.
      This year I ventured to have the pigs knuckle app. which was excellent, and the tripe.
      Both excellent.
      The portions are so huge, that most people share the apps. and/or the mains.
      The staff have no problem with this.
      Also it is not a place for introverts, as you find yourself chatting with everyone around you..
      Do you know of any other restaurants with this or similar ambience?

      1. re: erly

        Most of the bistrots I mentioned are like that -- and I did not mean to diminish Chez Denise in anyway. La Regalade, l'Ami Jean, le troquet, la fontaine de mars are the other most friendly ones, because tables are close and the ambiance is not uptight at all. Le Vin des rues also, especially with their accordeon night on thursday.

        1. re: souphie

          Thanks Soupie,
          We missed La Regalade this trip, but hit it most trips.
          I enjoy the others as well.
          Never been to Le Vin, so am jotting it down for my next trip.

      2. re: souphie

        Thanks for the detailed information. Do you have a recommendation for lunch near the Champs Elysees, that might be open on Sunday?