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Sep 29, 2007 07:34 AM

Pad See-ew (Or similar spelling) recipe

The boyfriend wants to try making Pad See-ew at home. Can anyone refer me to an authentic recipe, or write out their own recipe? I tried the search but was unsuccessful, so sorry in advance if this question has already been answered.


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  1. No recipe recs, but I'm pretty sure it's 'pad see euw' at the Thai place I go to. Maybe you'll have luck googling that?

      1. One of my favorites - I'd love the recipe - someone post!
        But, I found this one w/ pictures, too

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            We're gonna try this one! We found the one that stellamystar linked to, but it looked too simple (I didn't think soy sauce would do the trick). I'll let you know how it turns out!

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              We made it, and it was pretty good! I prefer more complex flavors, but the boyfriend was satisfied. The only thing was that I couldn't identify which green was Thai broccoli (They were not labeled with English names), so I accidentally bought a gross, thick green which to me tasted like I was eating a waxy, bitter houseplant. Oops! Next time I will be more careful about which green I buy.

              1. re: Keramel

                Here's a picture of the correct veggie:

                Where did you go shopping? Was it a Chinese grocery? If so, it's called 'gai lan' in Cantonese (芥兰). It has green leaves and white flowers (if flowering). There is a sister vegetable which looks almost the same, but has yellow flowers. Make sure to get the one with white flowers.

                Try to find younger Chinese broccoli. The older it gets the more bitter it is. Also make sure to wash it really well, as it's one of the vegetables which bugs really like to eat, so it's usually got a lot of pesticides on it here in Thailand. Probably the same where you are.

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                I thought the whole point of pad see ew was that it utilizes dark soy sauce to give it that special, caramel flavor. My thai friends never use hoisin or oyster in their pad see ew. Just a thought.

            2. I wish I had come across this earlier. I've been learning how to cook Thai from Appon's Thai recipes. The flavors are complex and intricate and I find the final results to be closer to what I know to be authentic than I get from some other sites.

              Her recipe for pad see ew can be found here:

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                I know it's been two years, but do you still have that recipe? The link doesn't work