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Sep 29, 2007 07:31 AM

Rec for Tri-Birthday Dinner (Parents, me and wife)?

My wife, Mom and I all share birthdays within two weeks of each other, so we are having a joint birthday dinner somewhere in Manhattan. My parents used to live near the City, but have since moved out to California. They are coming back in for the weekend and asked to try someplace new and fun, but with great food.

Food-wise, the pickiest eater is probably my Mom. She likes quality ingredients and food, but sticks to some of the more traditional cuisines (at least for her), like Italian, American and Jewish deli. (Did I mention she was raised in Borough Park?) She'll try new things, but is *not* into sushi, experimental places or some of the more interesting restaurants in the city (unfortunately).

My wife doesn't eat much red meat, but enjoys a good filet every now and then. Neither she nor I love dishes with lots of sauces. My Dad...well, he'll eat anything.

So, with all these puzzle pieces, does anyone have recs with a broad menu for everyone involved?

Thanks so much.

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  1. Well you said NEW and FUN. So I am not sure that my recommendation would be acceptable to you even though it fills the dining part nicely.
    Compass at 69th off Amsterdam on the UWS.
    I also recommend the upscale Italian Vice Versa around 51st St. in the theater district.

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      Compass is on 70th, b/t Amsterdam and West End Avs.

      For Italian, I highly recommend L'Impero. While it isn't new, the chef is and Michael White's contemporary Italian cuisine is superb. When there are sauces, they are delicate and used sparingly. Service is friendly and professional. The space has an understated elegance about it with not a hint of stuffiness. If by "fun" you mean a boisterous vibe, then L'Impero is not a good match. But it is a lovely place to celebrate a special occasion.