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Sep 29, 2007 07:19 AM

Fish Store in Queens??

Does anyone have a good recomendation for an excellent Fish market in Queens? Would prefer the Flushing-Bayside area.

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  1. I use Park's on 149 St & Willets Point Blvd. in Whitestone. Their prices are a little high sometimes, but their fish is always immaculate, and they're very friendly.

    I do not recommend the fish market on Francis Lewis near 36th-ish Ave. VERY high prices, and very very little selection, and so little stock that I'm wary of their turnover.

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    1. re: irishnyc

      I second the vote on Park's Seafood, always impeccable fish...also any of the H-arts in the Flushing-Bayside area have excellent fish and they are do busy that high turnover is assured.

    2. Thanks everyone. I am definitely going to try Park's. Do you know if they are open on Sunday??

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        1. re: johnk

          another parks reccomendation, i live 2 blocks away..great place

      1. Since you mentioned Flushing, you should try many of the Chinese markets in the Flushing Chinatown area. They usually sell fruits/vegetables in the front and meat/fish in the back. Some of the fish are swimming in tanks, so they are still alive when you buy it.