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Sep 29, 2007 06:51 AM

Canning Supplies in DC Metro Area?

Where can one buy canning jars and the like in DC? I checked at the Wal-mart in Reston and they claim they no longer carry them... anyone else out there find them? I'd prefer to not buy them on line as the shipping is usually as expensive as the jars themselves. Thanks!

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  1. I've actually been seeing them in Safeways in Reston. Both Hunter's Woods and the one on Elden across from K-Mart. That latter one had a better selection a few weeks ago.

    1. Fischer's Hardware in Springfield is pretty well stocked with that sort of thing. It's a great store to browse in. No matter what you never knew you needed, they probably have it.

      1. Sur La Table has French and German ones and sometimes plain old American as well.
        The Container Store has French and Italian ones.
        Sometimes Lowe's or Home Depot have them in season but run out pretty quickly.
        I've bought them at WalMart so yours must have just sold out or something.

        Regular hardware stores usually stock them year round.
        If your local hardware store is something like an Ace affiliate, they can order them for you at no extra charge. They'll have a catalogue and most get deliveries several times each week. Most independent hardware stores are affiliated with some group.

        Large grocery stores often carry them in late summer. Usually they have them waaay up on top of the shelves so ask somebody.

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          Ayers (sp?) Hardware on Washington Blvd in Westover has a good selection of canning supplies. Much less expensive than the chains, too.

        2. Wegman's in Fairfax has various sizes of lids/jars year-round. Currently, it's situated near the produce dept.