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Sep 29, 2007 06:37 AM

Best Brunch in the Fort Greene area?

What i'd like to know is who has the best brunch in fort greene, preferably from flatbush ave to vanderbuilt (West/East) and Dekalb to Atlantic ave (North/South). I've performed a search and found only spotty recommendations here and there. Looking to get more input. Thanks.

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  1. so far i've only been able to find from old threads that Ici has good brunch (from 1 poster). Thats about the full extent of subject i've seen. (since i don't think i want to head over to any of the places mentioned in the vegan brunch of fort greene thread)

    1. Ici does have good brunch, but people have had complaints about it. I'm not sure why because I've always liked it and think the food is very good.
      Le Gamin on Vanderbilt has a really good brunch and is more crowd-pleasing, with omelets, crepes and a some healthy options like fruit and yogurt.
      Maggie Brown on Myrtle is also good if you want brunch with drinks for not too much money. I like Ici and Le Gamin better though.
      And...Castro's serves breakfast items, like huevos rancheros and breakfast burrito until 11am, there's a $1.50 price increase for these dishes after 11, but it's totally worth it because the food is wonderful.

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        thanks for the reply. i've actually been to le gamin once for brunch. i think it is pretty good. nothing amazing but solid meal.

      2. Walk a couple blocks down Atlantic to Stan's for New Orleans style brunch. Excellent crab omelet, beignets and chicory coffee.

        1. A Bistro is a lfew blocks beyond your zone on the north but might be worth a try - they do offer brunch. ( havent tried, tho)