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Sep 29, 2007 06:37 AM

ppac (providence) - nearby restos?

Just trying to figure out distances. Thanks for the recent thread on pre-PPAC dining (and hope we all enjoy Pilobolus tonight)!

What's walking distance of the PPAC? Atwells Ave? Consider that it's a beautiful night, I'm a former Brooklynite who loves to walk...but also from the map, not sure whether you have to, like, cross I-95 to get there. If we could walk there within 30 minutes I think we'd be in good shape.

Am thinking of Tazza, or somewhere on Atwells (actually had a surprisingly good meal at Zooma recently, but would like to try something new). Any other suggestions welcome.


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  1. you will hafta cross 95 to get to ppac from atwells- not far, but not fun.

    thought of bacaro? get there early & park on the street, have dinner (great salumeria, grilled pizzas & pastas), and walk over the canal to ppac - with the bonus of waterfire on the way back?

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      Hey SK
      Thanks so much for the suggestion! We did go to bacaro, which I actually hadn't heard of/been to (I'm not in Prov as much as I used to be). What a great recommendation...

      Mostly we ordered from the "make your own antipasti" menu. Not being pork eaters, we didn't order any of the salumeria stuff, tho it smelled delish. A bacalao with housemade potato chips was almost smoky, and smooth, and rich. Big chunks of cod and potato. I have to say, this place is VERY generous with their "small" app portions. I wish I'd known this when ordering the cheeses. We ordered three, and couldn't possibly finish what they gave us. The cheese selections are maybe a little sedate, esp if you go to Whole Foods and the Laiterie. One choice, Robiola, I had to pass up 'cos I had just had some at WF earlier that day...but they're served on a big wood board with dried fruit and Marcona almonds drizzled with very herby, aromatic honey. We also ordered the marinated cipollini onions, which were a tangy and crunchy accompaniment to the cheeses. My favorite app, though, was the cold sweet white anchovies with lemon and thyme. It was grilled and chilled, I think, then lightly marinated with some lemon and olive oil. I love anchovies and never seem to see them on menus here, or for that matter, ANYWHERE except beach shacks in other countries. Ah well. Here's to a trend.

      We split an entree, which was a good idea because THAT was totally huge as well. Flounder roasted in olive oil with lemon and thyme, with Israeli couscous, tomato, and olives. A TON of fish. It's going to be my lunch and dinner tonight...

      Would have loved to stay for dessert as I'm on a mini chocolate pudding kick, and they made a "chocolate budino" which I was half-considering...but I couldn't do it.

      Thanks again for the suggestion. It worked perfectly! You were even right about WaterFire en route.

      Take care!