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Sep 29, 2007 05:34 AM

ISO: Recipe for Green Beans @ Outback Steakhouse

Anyone know their recipe? Please share. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, I've never had them... why are they so good?

    1. First they are cooked for 8 minutes in the steamer. Then they are put in cold water so they don't overcook. When ordered, they are portioned and steamed with butter and a vegetable seasoning of white and black pepper in the microwave.

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        Thank you. I'll give them a try.

      2. Outback Steakhouse Greenbeans are terrific and their method is excellent. It lets you do your veggies well ahead and finish at the last minute just as you're putting dinner on the table. Best method I know for snow peas.

        Maybe more science than you want, but here's a recent article by Shirley Corriher on why a two-step process for cooking veggies may give them their best color and taste.