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Sep 29, 2007 12:10 AM

Ketchup - what should I order?

I'm being dragged somewhat against will to Ketchup for a group dinner. I don't recall seeing any positive reviews on the boards here, but does anyone have any suggestions (other then being a no-show) for what to order.

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    1. I went there about a month ago. I thought the onion rings were some of the best I'd ever had. The mini-cheeseburgers were quite good and the french fries were decent. Everything else disappointed me, especially the fish and chips. Our server raved about it and said that it wasn't very good before but that the chef had just changed the recipe and it was now great. What I got was a couple of pieces of mahi-mahi in a very soggy, tasteless batter. Another party at our table liked the meat loaf but it didn't look like much to me.

      I'll say one thing for the place. They seem to hire the most attractive employees I've ever seen in a restaurant. If only someone there could cook.

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        The onion rings are pretty damn good. And I actually had a very tasty order of scallops. But I'm sure consistency is not their strong suit so I may have just gotten lucky.

      2. I remembered liking the little mini chicken tacos, but that was about it. :(

        1. You should know that Ketchup was the stage for two feuding couples from a MTV "reality" show to be filmed shouting insults across the room -- the episode aired recently and has been repeated. Understand that this is the scene you are entering, and that the restaurant/club participated.

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            Oh joy! One more reason to really be looking forward to dinning Ketchup. Ugh. Maybe I can talk my friend out of this one... it is her birthday so I'm thinking I should keep my mouth shut.

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              Yeah, just grin and bear it. I had to take a friend to crustacean for her bday. She realized the errors of her ways during the meal, but at least her desire to dine there has now been satiated, and doused. :)

          2. all I remember is the 3 types of french fries (cajun, sweet potato, & garlic) with the 5 ketchups. everything else is ok.