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Sep 28, 2007 11:17 PM

Time for Topsfield Fair 2007 food recs!

Just glanced thru the 2006 posts and thought it was time for an update. I heard there are some new food vendors. Anyone know what they are? I noticed a place called Texas Grill. Looked new..Tonite we were in the fair briefly after the fireworks so didn't have much time as it was closing so only had pizza, but it was great! Don't remember liking the pizza in years past, but this was good italian NY style carnival pizza at Palace Pizza at the entrance to the Midway. Asked for it off the whole pie that looked newly baked. Hot, greasy, delicious fresh flavor of the melty mozz, thin crust but nice thick doughy/crispy crust on the edges. Went back for seconds. So which do we go for, the apple pie or the crisp? or i think there's blueberry? Can never remember which to get. Recall decent cider doughnuts near the River entrance, near kiddyland. Hubby loved the hot pastrami sandwich at B'nai Brith, near the main entrance. Has been a veggie for years but broke it for this and really liked it.. juicy, overstuffed and smelled great too. I think I recall a very good bagel and lox there too. I think Kowloons has been okay... By the way.. great fireworks! and cant miss the baby bunnies. Some were being born today..

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  1. uuugh skip the Texas Grill, they were at the Bolton fair and we ate there. For $15 we got a blooming onion that was raw in the middle, impossible to pull and of the fingers off. Also got a soggy chicken burrito wrap thing. tasted like watery boiled chicken bits in a green wrap.

    Then for another $4 we got one of their fresh squeezed lemonades which was really watery and weak.

    Best thing at the Bolton fair were the fish and chips and seafood vendors and redbones.

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      thanks for the warning! Too bad Redbones doesnt come to Topsfield too. Bolton sounds like better food! I dont think Topsfield gets seafood vendors either..

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        I've just returned from the fair, and made the mistake of getting lemonade from the lemonade-only stand whose overhead sign is black with yellow text. For $5 I got half a squeezed lemon, sweetened, with a pint of water. Two nice pulpy swallows and then "watery and weak," but (unlike Texas Grill's stand) no $2 refills (which includes soft drinks, btw).

        Great German fries from that food stand. Cider donuts from the pumpkin display (fruit and vegetable bldg.?) were very spiced and rather dense - and dare I say a little dry? I think I've been spoiled of late by regular visits to Honey Pot Hill and Smolak Farms...

      2. Glad to hear the B'nai B'rith booth is still there after all these years and it sounds good as ever. It was always a favorite for us - and the pastrami is amazing!

        1. The best "real" food at the fair was the Polish Food Stand near the arena. Nice people from Worcester serving good, smokey kielbasa, great potato pancakes, pierogi, and golumpki. Later in the day we went back for seconds and the person in front of us was also back ordering 70 pierogis for her family.

          At the Smoked Turkey leg place, stay away from the spiral fries. They sometimes fry them ahead and served them to us cold with cheese whiz and fake bacon bits.

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            I enthusiastically second the Polish stand recommendation. We had the Polish plate for $10 and it was all great. (I mentioned to the woman we had seen them on Chowhound and she was completely speechless with excitement.)

            To be a little more specific than "near the arena," it's on the side near the pig races and tucked back in a little enclave. White cart; I think the sign says "Mr. Kielbasi."