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Sep 28, 2007 08:49 PM

Deep Fried Pizza / Panzarottis ?

Where are the best ones located I really want to go back to the place I tried it , it was a extremley small shop where you could only order there was no place to sit down, it might of been in Jersey near the border of Philly...

Any ideas on what it was called?

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  1. most of the pizza shops and delis serving them are serving Tarantini brand. They are delicious in the deep fryer. Not many make their own anymore.

    1. the original Philly panzarotti/inside out can be found on Synder Ave. in South Philly at Florida Style Pizza. They have by far the best deep fried pizza stuffs. The neighborhood can get a little ( or alot) scary at night, so I would go pick them up during the day. Picking food up there is an experience in itself, but don't let the third world country atmosphere scare you off, you won't find any better anywhere.

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        Florida Style has the best inside out I've ever had. The bread is fantastic, with these yummy little bubbles on the crust, and they have this addictive smell to them. I went to school nearby and miss this place dearly.

        If you drive around the corner to 22nd and Shunk, Girard Park is a nice spot to sit and eat them. Trust me- once that smell fills your car you'll want to get in that bag as soon as possible!

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          Florida Style's is currently the best around. But the store that sold it originally in the 70s until it closed was right across the little street from Florida Style. They were related to the store in NJ that originated it from what I remember.

      2. I think the place you are talking about was on Haddon Ave in Haddon Twp (Westmont), NJ. At least they advertised they were the original, and other local pizza shops bought their panzarottis from them. They closed about a year ago. I believe it was called Franco's Place. Everyone in NJ seemed to know about this place and it was always crowded. I only tried them once, yes they were good.
        But, still waiting for a decent NY/north Jersey style pizza here in S. Jersey. It is just not to be had.

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          Franco's was the only place to get panzarottis when I was younger. I live in PA now. I am sorry to hear they closed.

        2. You're likely thinking of Tarantini Panzarotti on Marlton Ave in Camden. Definitely a sketchy neighborhood these days, but worth it.

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            thats it!!!thats the one thank you soooo much,because I remember it was it a scary looking neighborhood but the guys at the shop were so nice you forgot about whatthe surroundings were, especially once you bit into those deep fried pizzas <3

          2. Vincents in Merchantville - about 8 minutes over the Ben Franklin Bridge - original Tarantini family, now in cute little Merchantville (the shop has no ambience - counter, lineoleum floor, maybe a formica table or two.)