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Sep 28, 2007 06:17 PM

Market Basket - Is it OK?

I keep hearing about the Market Basket it ok? I went to ShopRite for 30 years and they don't have any here (Chelmsford). Stop and Shop and Hannafords seem to be the only options around here...

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  1. Both Stop and Shop and Hannafords I find to be very grossly overpriced. Hannafords less so than Stop and Shop, but both of them are more expensive than Market Basket -- which many find is the cheapest in the state.

    Market Basket is generally good for everything except perhaps the produce. Their produce can be hit or miss. Some weeks it's quite good, others it can be quite bad -- i.e. their consistency with produce quality is bad.

    Despite this, I still shop there regularly for my normal groceries, and supplement it with trips to Trader Joes (just down the street from me) and to Idylwilde

    Idylwilde is great for produce, and inexpensive too! If you're worried about price, just go light on their meats, baked goods, and refrigerated section. Though I've found their cheeses to be generally fairly priced.

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    1. re: Keithel

      forgot to include links to these various places.

      And again, Link to places fails some..
      I'll add here:
      Trader Joes
      145 Great Rd., Acton, MA

      Idylwilde Farm
      366 Central St., West Acton, MA

      Market Basket
      160 Littleton Rd., Westford, MA

    2. I live in Florida and boy do I miss Marketbasket. The prices are the best and the service is good too. Trader Joes [I miss that too] and Market basket are a great combo.

      1. Market Basket and TJ's are my staple grocery stores as well w fill ins @ local veggie stand and Italian market. I could be the poster child for MB. You CANNOT beat their prices.

        1. Next time you go grocery shopping, go north to Nashua. There's a Shaw's on Spit Brook, a Market Basket on DW Hwy and Trader Joes just south of the border in Tyngsboro. FYI, the state liquor store is next to Market Basket.

          1. I totally agree with the Market Basket /Trader Joe's approach. I also go to the Hannaford at exit 6 off Rt 3; there's a NH State Liquor store on the same street that has an extensive wine selection (waaay better than the one on DW Highway). Hannaford's produce is far superior to MB and seems less expensive (to me) than Shaws.

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              Yes, exit 6 liquor store has the most comprehensive wine selection in the state. If you continue on Broad Street (Rte 130) you will hit Lull Farm in Hollis, which is an excellent farm stand with fresh mozzarella, unpasteurized cider, milk in glass bottles, and whoopie pies!