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Sep 28, 2007 05:57 PM

Somewhere between Pasadena, and Huntington Beach

Ideas for Sat nite dining for 2 couples meeting for dinner, love most cuisines, not too noisy.

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  1. quite a bit of land between pasadena and huntington beach.

    1. Dal Rae in Pico Rivera

      1. I think Southbay is a good middle ground between Pasadena and Huntington Beach. Christine in Torrance is a favorite in the area: It's kind of Cal-Mediterranean, and it's a special occasion kind of place. If you want a casual restaurant, Musha in Torrance is a Japanese place that might work. I feel like it may be noisy later in the evening, but not if you go on the earlier side. You might get more replies if you hone in on a particular area between Pasadena and HB, and a price range.

        1. I'll throw out a rec for Thai Nakorn in Stanton. It's closer to the Huntington Beach peeps, though. But that way, next time you go out for dinner, you can go somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley.