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Sep 28, 2007 05:44 PM

Need "Hearty" Date Spot 4 Tonight (Friday)

Goin' on a date tonight - Date wants "hearty" - I live in the East WeHo region, but not adverse to traveling a few miles for good grub...

Thanks, folks...

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  1. Why not a Berkshire pork burger -- that ought to be hearty enough.

    7450 Beverly Blvd @ N Vista St
    Los Angeles 90036

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    1. re: Servorg

      I've only been for breakfast - sounds perfect to go there for din din.

    2. hearty will be good tonight.. it'll be chilly, something to stick to the bones..

      how much you wanting to spend?

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      1. re: Jaybay

        I will throw down some bones - not like Urasawa or Providence tasting menu bones tonight! - but not sure about how comfy my date would be with that. Probably moderate price range is good...

      2. Pastis on beverly..
        Little Door... thought getting a reservation might be tough
        Cynthia's.. on 3rd. and then u can have the berry cobbler.. UN REAL delicious.
        Blair's... silverlake, though another tough one because of a reservation
        Mozza? Sit at the bar, yummy..

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        1. re: Jaybay

          I was def thinking of the bar at Mozza earlier - Little Door and Blairs would be awesome, but you are right, the Friday reso thing is probably a bit too much to wish for at this late in the game.

          1. re: djquinnc

            i saw you go to Mozza, man.. i was there the other night. Get the bianca pizza, and ask them to put fennel sausage on it. Even if you are not the fennel kind, you will dig it. I promise.

            1. re: Jaybay

              i meant "say" not saw.. that sounded scary, sorry.. whoops

          2. re: Jaybay

            date has come and gone now, but cynthia's cobbler is great for date-sharing.

          3. Pastis is a good call.

            Or Jar. If you can't get a table, you can always eat at the bar which I find to be a great date setting. The bartenders are friendly. The other patrons will make small talk. And you can impress your date with how at ease you are with it all.

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