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Sep 28, 2007 04:47 PM

lunch on the Silverdao trail

I am finalizing my plans for next weekend.. and the St helena area.. After Schramsberg need to head back to Oakland..but have time for a nice lunch. Would like to Drive the Silverado Traill..Thinking o fL' there anything else tasty and worthwhile?

is l'Auberge dressy for lunch?..may not want that as were on the way to the airport... thanks..

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  1. anyone???????? how about Meadow Wood? or should we do something in Yountville..Redd?

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    1. re: butterbutt

      The two you mention are dressier than most. I would head into Yountville and lunch at Bistro Jeanty. Should be nice on the patio still.

    2. Never been to either you mentioned. Both are resorts. We've been to Bistro Jeanty several times and can also recommend. Also in Yountville is Bouchon, which is Thomas Keller's take on a French Bistro. It's tiny. You can get reservations on We also like Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, in St. Helena. We've had hit or miss at Martini House, which is also in St. Helena.

      1. not much on silverado trail besides wineries, definitley cross over to yountville for the chow

        1. Hi butterbutt,
          I think you are referring to Auberge du Soleil in Rughterford. It is wondeful! One of my favorites in the Valley. Definately the best views from any restaurant. Great food and service. Nothing is really too dressy here, except maybe the French Laundry since it is such a tourist destination. I would highly reccomend Auberge. - make reservations and sit outside. -Very romantic. I live here, trust me. :)
          Otherwise, in St. Helena go to Martini House, always a hit never a miss or Tra Vigne.
          In Yountville, go to Bouchon, request outside, there are only like 3-4 tables.

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            Eating on the deck/patio at Auberge du Soleil overlooking Napa Valley on a beautiful day is one of those experiences not to be missed, one that people come from all over the world to have. We live here and can do it easily. I'm not current about their food; it seems to vary year to year, but it's always "good enough" to support the great experience.