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Sep 28, 2007 04:18 PM

Weekend in Philadelphia, redux

We and some friends hope to be in downtown Philadelphia for a short weekend next month for a concert. Which means we're looking for a memorable dinner on Friday and something good we could do Saturday, both for lunch and for before the the show, and maybe a Sunday morning brunch/dim sum before heading to the airport. We go out a lot all over the country, both by ourselves and together, and don't have the same price restrictions as the last weekend poster, but aren't necessarily going for Le Bec Fin either. Just something fun and memorable. And our friends don't do sushi (too bad for them) so the reviews we've seen of Morimoto and Pods won't do it for them. Suggestions?

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  1. Lolita for high-end mexican. It's very cute and the food is very interesting (on busy nights, you have to reserve the seats way ahead due to their limited seating). It's near the theaters (I don't know which ones you are going). I also really really love Raddiccio for Italian (maybe a little far from the theaters)---their octopus appetizer is cooked to perfection everytime---and Audrey Claire (near Rittenhouse) for bistro style french-mediteranean. I also hear that Matyson is great, but I haven't tried it myself.

    Try Beau Monde for crepes/french food brunch or lunch. Or the dim sum I had at Ocean Harbor the other weekend wasn't bad. Not enough variety as Boston or NY chinatown, but good enough (You won't find sea-snails or sharks-fin soup, for example)...your usual variety of steamed and fried dumplings are there though and of course, chicken feet (if you like them).

    1. Actually I found the non-sushi item at Morimoto more interesting. They usually have some special ingredient they serve. Last time for us, it was kobe beef.

      1. For your memorable Friday night dinner, make reservations at Tinto. Their tapas are all perfectly cooked and seasoned--the flavors are wonderful.

        1. Grab a nice bottle of wine and head to Caffe Casta Diva for a well-prepared Italian dinner.
          Before the show, make an early dinner reservation at Estia which specializes in Greek and seafood. Pricey (but not Le Bec Fin) and worth it.
          Another popular and unique Philadelphia dining place is Buddakan. (expect noise)

          1. El Vez on 13th and Sansom is a really great/funky place to grab a lunch. The menu is full of tex mex dishes, which are plated in an interesting fashion. It has a wide selection of funky with crabmeat as the center piece, and obviously margaritas. The atmosphere is laid back and the decor is very funky. My boyfriend and I always stop by for lunch when we are in town. Check it out!


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              Although I agree that el-vez is an interesting, one-of-a-kind place (decor-wise), I found that their food is over-priced and uninteresting.

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                ah, but el vez can be so good if you just go for drinks + guac! certain entrees i thought were pretty good (salmon) but i think their guacamole is my 2nd fave in this city. good for light casual lunching. then you can follow it up with gelato for dessert from capogiro across the street.

                oh, and a quiet table CAN be found at buddakan, another stephen starr place as mentioned above, ask for seating upstairs. it's not cavernous and sound is absorbed better up there. the edamame ravioli is so good i could cry.

                and go get some wine (or beer) and cheese from tria at 18th and sansom! (there's another capogiro location nearby there too in case you missed the one near el vez) :)