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Sep 28, 2007 04:03 PM

Automatic Slim's or Itta Bena

We're going to be in Memphis for a few nights, Tuesday we're going to Rendezvous. There will be approximately 15 people who don't really know each other. I'm looking for something fun! Which would you pick, or do you have a different idea. Don't want to spend alot, but do want good food and atmosphere!

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  1. Both of those are pretty pricey. Entrees are around $25. Itta Bena is very Memphis. Automatic Slim's is very trendy and hip. Both are fun. If you want something a little cheaper, then look at EP's Delta Kitchen on Beale. Entrees are $15-25 there, and it's a cool upscale club after 10. Encore is excellent and fairly inexpensive (entrees around $20), but it isn't as fun and happening. If you want something dirt cheap, then go to Gus' fried chicken for some amazing fried chicken and dirt cheap forties. You can get as loud and boisterous in there as you want.

    1. I'd mostly agree with tennreb, although I haven't been to EP's (and frankly, I'm unlikely to go as it seems expressly aimed at the tourist crowd). For the price, Encore is a jewel of a restaurant, and if I'm not mistaken they have an early prix-fixe dinner for something like $25 or $30 for three courses--they also appear to have a separate room which might accomodate 15 just right--you might want to call and check.