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Sep 28, 2007 03:54 PM

Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

What are your favourite restaurants & food shops in this area? I want to try some new ones.

I love:

Sweet Olenka's for ice cream.

West Studio Cuisine has a great Saturday brunch, very reasonably priced, also good take out.

Mama Martino's is my Friday night place.

Il Paesno for delivery pizza.

The Cheese Boutique at 45 Ripley is fabulous for wonderful meat, cheese, produce etc.

I went to Mango Rain in Clarkson Village in Mississauga. A bit of a trek, but OH. MY. GOD. So happy with their Thai and Indian food and it is a straight shot on Lakeshore Boulevard West to Lakeshore Road.

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  1. New Toronto Fish Chips - I think its on 5th at Lakeshore. Very fresh and tasty if a bit greasy. Excellent rings too!

    1. Try Gourmet On The Go in Port Credit, they have a great gourmet hot table during the week and there prepared foods are also very good. Lakeshore and Hurontario


        The food shops/outlets on and around Jutland (between Islington and Kipling, north of Queensway) have some good chow finds, e.g. Pasquale Bros. and Food Depot Intl.

        There is a farmers market at the Baptist church on Parklawn north of Queensway every Tuesday from 4 to 7 which I have yet to visit.

        1. Pizza - Pizzaiolo
          Thai - Siam Princess - formerly cozy thai
          Butcher - the new village butcher is great
          Italian/seafood - al lago in longbranch

          Have not tried the angry chef yet, Bombay by the lake is extremely hit and miss, just depends on what chef the guy is able to get to work that night.

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            Bombay on the lake has new owners. They purchased the place shortly before my last post. Have eaten and ordered there quite a few times since then. Food quality is good now, service is consistent as well as the new owners are very pleasent. If you were turned off from previous experiences as I know some have and have seen from other diners in the past, it is worth going back to try again. Good luck

          2. I'm definitely going to check out some of your suggestions.

            But, Mama Martino's? Huh?

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            1. re: 5andman

              I agree, I can skip Mama Martino's any day. My wife and her family love it though. At least its cheap.

              Anyone have any new Lakeshore or Mimico favourites?

              1. re: Conductorchris

                When I was in this area, there was a place with a lot of buzz called Cafe Du Lac, a sort of Quebecois bistro on Lake Shore near Mimico.

                1. re: morefoodplz

                  We have eaten at Cafe Du Lac a couple of times. I think it is an asset to the area. A little more upscale then the other restaurants in the area (at least the ones I have found). Nice menu, cozyish atmosphere and the food has been pretty good.

                  I have also become a big fan of the Albatros Pub at Lakeshore and 11th. Something about this place just makes me love it. Plus the prices I find to be quite good for Toronto. The wings are huge, you get 5 in the small order ($6.95 with fries) and I am pretty sure that they weigh a pound.

                  Glad this thread has been revitalized. Have been in the area just under a year and never know where is good to eat.

                  1. re: camp1980

                    I too really like CDL. Their Duck in a Jar is fabulous! While they do have some service issues, their food makes up for it.

                    1. re: camp1980

                      Went to Albatros Pub for lunch with a co-worker on Friday (FYI they open at 4pm all weekdays except Friday they open at 12pm). Kicking myself in the butt for not going in years ago. The decor is so warm and welcoming with a lot of wood trim and tables. The menu has Polish food and also some pub food and they also had daily specials. We both ordered the perogi meal for about $11. We were able to each get a variety of the flavours in our order (cheese, mushroom and saukraut, and meat). Our meals arrived and we both had about 6-7 good size perogi, fresh vegtables (carrots, brocolli) and two good size servings of two different salads (one had chickpeas, dill and cut up Polish pickles and the other was a coleslaw). The perogi was home made and soooo good, lots of filling and not overly doughy. My favourite flavour was the cheese, then the mushroom/saurkraut, then the meat, however I always have a soft spot for the cheese. The veggies were good......huge carrots and the salads were great as well. It was so much food we could only force all the perogi, and a few bites of salad and veggie, althoug if I had the room, I would have gladly eaten it all. We will definitely be going back to try all other items on the menu (borsct, shnitzel, liver/onions, , potato pancake and lots of other Polish delights). If you like Polish food, give this place a try and you should not be disappointed.

                      1. re: fryerlover

                        Went back to Albatros Pub for lunch yesterday. Ordered the kopytka with goulash. Was served with two good size servings of two different salads. Salads were different than the last time I was there.One was a beet and kidney bean salad and one was a vinigary coleslaw. Both were tasty, however I preferred the beet salad. A very good helping of kopytka served with goulash (chunks of beef and gravy). And a small serving of fresh veggies. Another great meal and again I could not finish it all. You can tell the food is fresh made everyday and great Polish comfort food. They also offer pub favourites, however I plan to try all the Polish offerings. Can't wait to try the next item on the menu.

                2. re: 5andman

                  I'm happy to help revive this thread, as any new info on my area is always appreciated! Also, I agree - Mama Martino's? Crap. It's at the end of my street, and in the four years that I've lived here I've only been once. That pretty much says it all. Sure it's cheap, but that's because the ingredients they use in their vastly subpar dishes are cheap.

                  1. re: redearth

                    You have to try the seafood bisque soup at the Village Butcher. Chock full of huge pieces of various shellfish in a spicy chipotle cream. Yum!

                    I really enjoyed brunch at the Lucky Dice a couple of months ago. Good peameal bacon!

                    AVOID Bua Thai on Queensway. I just got take-out for supper and none of the dishes are a good example of Thai. I think they may even have made an error, because my tamarind curry with beef has no trace of tamarind.

                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      I LOVE Bua Thai! Their mango curry chicken is amazing. I crave it. We have ordered from there 4 times now and really like it.

                      1. re: etobicokefoodie

                        What other Thai restaurants do you enjoy in the GTA? Just trying to get an idea if our tastes are normally compatible or not.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          i've been the the Avenue Rd location a few times and it's always been good (meaning not fried items were not greasy, sauces were not excessive, gloopy or ketchupy and the food was well presented.)

                      2. re: Food Tourist

                        I've had good experiences at Bua Thai before, as well, but I have only been a few times, I'll admit.