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Sep 28, 2007 03:51 PM

Frogs leap winery ..just to go.. no tour.. worth it?

Hi..wont have time for the tour.. doing a full day..but have an hour ..would you go here or where else in St Helena ? or close by.... coming from Cake bread..going to Clos Pegase..

Has anyone ever visited with Eponymous?

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  1. Frog's Leap is a great place to visit, but they're not much into drop-ins any more. We stopped by there last month without any prior announcement, and were treated nicely, but just got to taste 2 or 3 wines. We've been visiting there ever since they came to the current location, about 12 years ago, when they were housed in a small prefab outbuilding. We mery much enjoy their wine and the friendly staff, but I'd recommend calling ahead to make sure that you can taste withuout taking the tour

    1. Added thought; the new facility is very nice, and the gardens are coming along.

      1. have you tried to make a res for the tour? it only lasts about an hour, and it's wonderful. best experience I have ever had in Napa. I wouldn't recommend dropping by without reservations. is they're all booked, try calling at the last minute - there can be cancellations.

        1. I wouldn't advise going without a tour reservation. We did. We weren't treated rudely, but got just one taste of wine and were left entirely to ourselves. The grounds are fine, but not spectacular.