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Sep 28, 2007 03:47 PM

Live Oak Market?

Anyone had the sandwiches at the Live Oak Market at 71 and Manchaca? Used to be a 7-11, but their choices of beer and snacks are intriguing.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have eaten the "El Cubano". It is an excellent pork sandwich although I spoke to the owner that it seemed a bit dry and recommended some au jus or gravy to moisten it up a bit. Otherwise it is an excellent choice if not The Choice.

      Their wine selection isn't as impressive as On The Run Market which is North on Manchaca (almost to Lamar) yet their beer selection is fantastic. Their soft drinks and teas are quite diverse and rare to find. I always get IBC Black Cherry and Cherry Limeade soda pops when I drop in. The guys there are super friendly and helpful with recommendations.

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        I can't speak to the sandwiches, but these guys are great with the beer recs. I enjoy chatting with them when I run into this place to grab something quick.

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          I live in that area and stop by Live Oak frequently for beer on my way home from work. I also enjoy and recommend the El Cubano, but have not tried the other sandwiches. One time I came in and they had a "special" of chicken enchiladas, black beans, and rice that turned out to be really tasty. Also the guy who works there seemingly every night is really great.

        2. I was pretty upset that they opened shortly after I moved out of that neighborhood. Stopped in once since then, and got some good beer recommendations. I hope they do well.

          1. Had the El Cubano today and was impressed. I've not found many good sandwhich places in town and it's close to one of my vendors.

            1. Huh? Is there such thing as bottled Live Oak now?