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Sep 28, 2007 03:33 PM

Puerto Rico-Seafood restaurants

Just got back from Puerto Rico and had some wonderful meals there. I would echo those who recommended Metropol for very good, inexpensive Puerto Rican food. We also loved La Casita Blanca in Santurce for lunch (missed their Sunday buffet) and were stuffed. The owner, Jesus, was extremely friendly and kept offering us more food. But, my question is, where are the great Puerto Rican seafood restaurants? I had some good seafood at the restaurants we were at. But, I mean restaurants that specialize in Puerto Rican seafood dishes. Not something touristy like Agua Viva in Old San Juan, but somewhere locals would go. Help!

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  1. My favorite meal in San Juan was at Pikayo, which is in the art museum. It is expensive, but has lots of seafood in very creative presentations of Puerto Rican cuisine. It even has a seafood tasting menu. The grilled shrimp with chorizo and guanabana (sp?) buerre blanc is to die for! Of course, the museum is great, too.

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    1. Try Metropole, Casa Dante and Mi Casita in Isla Verde for where the locals go food. Also Cafe Manolin in OSJ.

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        Second Metropol and Mi Casita. Casual, reasonable local places. I could have eaten mofungo at Metropol every day.

      2. For the seafood places you would have to go out of San Juan. Fajardo on the east coast or Isla de Cabras which is across the San Juan bay.

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          I was in Fajardo and went to Rosa Seafood. I thought it was pretty good, but not that much variety for a seafood restaurant. There must be other places there. What can you recommend?

        2. Regarding your request for Seafood -- we haven't been there in about 6 months, but we always loved Atlantico. It's between Isla Verde and Old San Juan. Reservations suggested. Their seafood paella is wonderful (huge) -- includes a half lobster; they also have another mixed seafood caserole without the rice; and a large menu of all sorts of types of fish, shell fish, etc. You name it...they probably have some things you've never heard of before as well. Service is very accomodating;

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            i disagree with the above reccs...if you're in San Juan la Atlantica is not bad but id rather go to El pescador in la placita de Santurce and have all the bacalao appetizers, and some langostinos. Aside from that, the best seafood places are outside SJ

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              Can anyone recommend any good breakfast places in Fajardo? Doesn't have to be fancy, just yummy. My husband, four-year-old daughter, and I will be travelling there next month and would like to try and avoid the touristy dining spots. For dinner, people seem keen on La Estacion and the kiosks.

          2. Casa Dante in Isla Verde has an excellent mofongo con camarones. They have other seafood offerings as well, but seafood with mofongo can't be beat, in my opinion. It's definitely a place that locals frequent.