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Sep 28, 2007 03:09 PM

Stockton/Lodi - need rest. rec for group

Hello, we will be in Lodi this weekend for soccer tournament and are looking for recommendations for lunch & dinner (few groups of 8 or more). Game on Saturday is at Lodi Middle School & dinner should be near Weberstown mall. Game on Sunday is at Peterson Park. Perhaps Pizza/TGIF/Applebee's/Olive Garden for dinner? Open to suggestions. How packed will some of these chains be on a Saturday night? Thanks!

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  1. This is too late for your tournament, but you probably found most of the megachains pretty packed Saturday night, as is typical for Stockton. I hope you did NOT rely on the recommendations in the local paper (it just recently did a "Best Of..." thing, and as most popularity contests, mediocrity won out).

    1. How about something good and not a chain--we like Wine and Roses bar in Lodi