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Chinatown Restaurant for a 20 Person Group?

I'm having a birthday party and I'm looking for a good Chinatown place that can handle a large group. A place that has a semi-private room would be perfect.

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  1. Please, people, I'm desperate for suggestions! The places I like to go to in Chinatown such as New Green Bo, the Dumpling House on Eldridge St, Nyonya, and Nha Trang are just not appropriate for a large group. I was thinking of something a bit more upscale in terms of prices too.

    1. I believe Congee Village has private rooms for big party. Chatham Square Restaurant (on Chatham Sq. 6, not 9 which is a hole in the wall place) also does a lot of large banquets for celebrations. They have a basement and you may be able to use that as "private room" if the night you want to go is not too busy.

      1. I was going to suggest Congee Bowery (207 Bowery)


        1. Although its the same owners, congee village is better than congee bowery.

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            I disagree. Or at least, I haven't found any difference despite going to both in the same weekend. Plus Congee Bowery has the advantage of being a) slightly classier and b) more quiet.

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              I disagree as well. One didn't need sensitive tastebuds to taste that the dishes we typically order on Allen st is different in taste at Bowery.

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                I personally prefer Congee Bowery.

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                  Thats great. To each their own. Allen st. location is already too busy, I just wish the crowds would move to Bowery.

          2. New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe is great with a group of this size. You don't get a private room, but they have enough space and great set banquet menus.

            1. I've actually never been to Jing Fong for anything other than dim sum, but the place is huge and they have screens they'll put up for large parties.

              1. sorry for not answering sooner. I was going to answer right away but delayed, and then other people had already made the suggestions I would... e.g. Congee Village and Chatham Sq 6. Another possibility is Amazing 66... they might be able to set something up in the back room.

                1. Thanks for all the responses! I'm going to investigate the recommendations this week.

                  1. So where did you pick? I'm in the same situation, slightly different details - looking for a Chinatown restaurant for a group of 15-25, but my main considerations (other than tasty food) are:
                    1) cheap (people end up full for $20 or less, BYOB would be nice but not essential)
                    2) clean (but smells like food, not disinfectant) and
                    3) pleasant (not too loud, fairly good service)

                    I don't need a private room, and wasn't planning on picking a set banquet menu so people can choose what they'd like to order. That's a big part of the fun. Any news or other suggestions?

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                      Are you saying that each person will pick their own dish (not the traditional sharing among the group)? If so, then you should pick Congee Village in which dishes are more individual-sized. Of course there are still plenty of dishes large enough for sharing.

                      It will fit your first 2 criteria (cheap and clean). As for 3), I will be frank and say that almost all restaurants in Chinatown (particularly at the price range you pick) will be loud as they are always VERY crowded. If it is not crowded you probably don't want to go... Service could be spotty at Congee Village (and same applies to most Chinatown restuarants), but not obnoxious or such. I think you will have fun there!

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                        Thanks! I meant we would be sharing as a group, but that we'd place the order depending on what people in the group choose from the full menu instead of selecting from a pre-arranged or limited set banquet menu. Usually each person picks one thing and everything gets shared, with double orders of the most popular dishes and extra appetizers and noodles. There's a lot of negotiating but it's fun. It's best if most of the dishes are large, so everybody can take at least a taste of everything. The Lazy Susan in the middle gets a good work-out!

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                          I think Congee Village is still a good choice for your occasion. There are two other Cantonese restaurants - Amazing 66 and Chatham Square 6 - that will fit your price range (may be slightly more expensive, but $30pp top).

                          Congee Village has more drinks options (like bubble tea) and more Cantonese "bistro" dishes, while the other two serve more traditional fares. You can take a look at their menu on menupages.com

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                            I think Congee Village is a great idea too. You might be able to get one of their private rooms.