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Sep 28, 2007 02:55 PM


Just trying to find some suggestions on anywhere near the saddledome that might be decent to have dinner before the flames game.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. What's your price point and what do you want to eat?

    1. I've heard very good things about Il Gallo Nero, on 17th Ave near the Stampede LRT station.

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        I went there last Tuesday before a game and I thought it was very good. They have a done a very nice job on the interior with a good blend of contemporary and warm sensibilities and it was nice to see old faces (Claudio and Manuel) from the old Da Paolo days.
        I had the mussels to start followed by paperdelli (sp?) pasta and braised veal and my buddy had the Caeser Salad and Seafood Lasagna and we were quite pleased with our selections.
        Service was pleasant and efficient...I will definately return.
        I should also note that one can park there while one is at the hockey game which is a definate plus.

      2. My favorite pre-game dinner place is the Embarcadero, it's right on 17th ave about a block from MacLeod. So very close to the stadium. They always have a good fresh selection of oysters and great seafood.

        1. There's a new Italian place just north of the Saddledome where Boccoccino's (and Gnocchi's before that) used to be, across the street from the pit that is going to be the rest of Arriva. It's called La Vita e Bella (I think it means "life is beautiful" from my very limited tourist Italian). They have a website although not much posted other than location and hours.

          It's pretty good and reasonably priced, most apps around $10, pastas and pizzas in the $15 range, mains in the low 20's. We had the appetizer platter that had calamari, Italian sausage, sauteed portabello mushroom and caprese salad, it was $25 and it was actually filling enough for a meal for 2, we had to take most of our pizza and pasta mains to take home. Decent wine selection, lots of choices in the $40 range. Very good food, more reasonably priced than some of the other italian restaurants in the area.

          I'm not sure about the speed of service for a pre-game dinner - it wasn't a game night when we went and we weren't in a hurry. It took about 2 hours for dinner with app, entree and no dessert, but I'd expect that they could speed it up if you said you need to be out by x time. I'd recommend trying it out pre-game or any other time.