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Sep 28, 2007 02:41 PM

Vegetarian friendly place in NY?

We are gonna be in NY next week and it´s my boyfriend´s mom birthday, and we want to take her out for dinner, she´s vegetarian. Is there any good food - good place for us to take her? I went to Pure and I wasn't thrill about it, any suggestions?

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  1. Low end - I like Souen in the west vill. Lots of Macrobiotic/veggie options and quite good too. There will be other types of fish and non veg options for the non vegan.

    High end- Gramercy Tavern does a nice enough vegetarian tasting meal.

    1. Candle 79 on the Upper East Side is all vegetarian ( Crispo is med/italian with lots of veggie options ( Tamarind indian ( is great. Many asian and italian restaurants, in general, will be accommodating. The south indian places in curry hill (Lexington upper 20s) are vegetarian.

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        Candle 79 is lovely and "higher end" - enjoyed a lunch there as a non-veggie! Portions on the small side.

      2. Gobo in the W. Village is pretty decent. A lot of Italian places aren't vegetarian, but have vegetarian pasta options. (My SO's dad is vegetarian and all he ever wants to eat when we go out is pasta.) If BF's mom isn't vegan, Spiga on the UWS makes a great butternut squash ravioli with brown butter. Po in the W. Village also often has good vegetarian pasta options, tho I haven't been there in a while and don't know what's seasonal, now. Last I went, it was orecchiette with broccoli rabe and garlic with olive oil. If you think she'll like South Indian food, Pongol has nice enough decor that it could conceivably be a good place to take someone for their birthday.

        1. If you want to go upscale, I highly recommend Cafe Boulud. One of the four a la carte menus they offer, Le Potager, is vegetarian. Superb cuisine, polished service, and attractive, contemporary decor. Definitely a fine place for a celebratory dinner.

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            I believe that Daniel has an entire menu devoted to vegetarians.

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              You're right, idia. I had forgotten about Daniel's vegetarian menu. However, there is one difference. Daniel's is a prix-fixe -- 3 courses @ $98 or 6 courses @ $165 -- while Cafe Boulud's is a la carte.


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                I do believe that in the lounge Daniel also serves their a la carte Vegetarian menu and frankly, to me, sitting in a space where I am not practically on top of the other table (like at Boulud) is a plus.
                However, if monse is watching the purse, Boulud is definitely less pricey than Daniel.

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                  I agree that, at Cafe Boulud, tables are fairly closely-spaced though I've not found it to be uncomfortably so. As for the lounge at Daniel, since we've never eaten there, I can't compare the table spacing or be knowledgeable about which menus are served.

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                    I have never been there either but there is a website that shows in detail exactly what the rooms all look like. The spacing in the lounge areas of Daniel are very acceptable without feeling closed in.
                    As for the menus, they are also spelled out in detail, including a vegetarian one online.

                    Click on "view photo gallery"

          2. With vegetarians, I really like Tamarind, a somewhat high-end Indian restaurant. The vegetarian dishes are all fantastic (as are the meat dishes).

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              There's a vegetarian restaurant called Counter on the Lower East Side that is great.... and if you go, definitely try the chickpea fries.