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Sep 28, 2007 02:39 PM

What to do with all these apples?

So, I have a grocery bag full of relatively tart, green apples. This is my second bag from my (overly) generous apple connection. I made two cakes, a pie, and some juice with the last bag, and I don't have a food mill, so I think applesauce and butter are out. I'd love some new ideas & recipes. Thanks!

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  1. I've made applesauce and apple butter without a food mill, by just cooking it down a lot. Also, you could try chutney. Apple coffeecake freezes really well, too. I'll be eating it for breakfast months from now.

    Did you make juice without a press? If so please tell me how you did it.

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    1. re: Glencora

      I have a juicer. Coffee cake is a good idea, thanks. And for the sauce, do you just mash it up after cooking? Or use a blender?

      1. re: yannie

        When I make applesauce, the apples just break down and need little if any mashing... Maybe just for the big chunks. (Although I think chunky applesauce is the way to go - none of that Mott's stuff fit for those without teeth.)

        1. re: laurendlewis

          Homemade applesauce is always a hot at my house. Although I like a combination of different apples for taste and texture, all one style is fine. Cut into chunks and cook on very low for an hour, stirring occaisionally. The apples should turn into apple sauce by themselves. If the are very hard, like a red delicious, might just let them cook longer. I don't even add anything to the pot, just the moisture from rinsing - but if the apples are really tart, maybe a teaspoon of sugar (yes, very little),

          1. re: BigSteve

            I leave my applesauce chunky and add sugar to the pot when cooking, with a bit of cinnamon and sometimes vanilla when they're done. This is wonderful over vanilla ice cream.

        2. re: yannie

          Yes, the others are correct. The apples just break down. I looked for the recipe, but it was in my old, fallen-apart Joy of Cooking. Anyhow, it's very easy.

      2. From the recipes currently posted on Epicurious, it looks like next month's Gourmet has an apple feature. The photo of the "apple beignets" posted in the link below is mouth-watering! I may have to investigate myself this weekend!

        1. Grate into pancake batter. My grandpa called them "Apple Farmer Pancakes". Really, really good.

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          1. re: scuzzo

            Apples chopped into the pancake batter are almost like fritters....just enough batter between the chunks of apple to hold them together....serve with real maple syrup...oh, no...I'll have to make some now!!! (They're REALLY good cold, too)


            1. re: violabratsche

              That sounds good too, but for this, I finely grate the apples, and it almost blends into the batter when cooking.

          2. This will only help a little, as the recipe only calls for two apples, but it sure is delicious!


            1. My family favorite apple strudel. You can cheat & use phyllo, but working with real strudel dough is an amazing experience...

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              1. re: dbug31

                Why don`t you can the apples and make apple jelly out of the peelings and apple cores.
                it is really easy to do. and apply jelly can be used for so many things. and canned apples sure does tastes good in the winter time.

                1. re: bigjimbray

                  JBB out of the peelings? Kidding me! My Dad used to do all the canning at our house and but I didn't realize that he made the jelly with the peels.

                  Yannie - And when the apples were in season, we had scrumptious apple butter, baked apples, dried apples, and apple chutney. Apple sauce, French apple pie (cinnamon crumble top) and apple loaf cake, Baked apple is is a great dessert or side dish/ fill with nuts, dried cherries, golden raisins nuts. All so good in salads, chicken, tuna, or ham salad. Or even a green salad with baby greens and just about any dressing works well.

                  1. re: chef chicklet

                    oh and the one I forgot which is a very favorite, apple clafoutti. So really good and different than pie.

                    1. re: chef chicklet

                      Hi cc! Do you have a recipe for apple clafoutti? Sounds interesting.

                      1. re: morebubbles

                        Hey MB! Sure Let me dig it up for you, everyone loves this recipe!

                        1. re: chef chicklet

                          Great! I just noticed there's a plum clofouti thread right now & there's this apple clafouti recipe in the link kindly provided there:
                          Is this similar to the one you make? Thanks, cc!!

                          1. re: morebubbles

                            Well it is similar, this is more eggy, making it like a flan (which I love-love-love!) don't dice the apples, I go more for the pie look. Keeping them in their shape this way, the apples brown so beautiful and makes the dessert to me rustic and appealing. Also, I add Grand Marnier. Here is my version of this warm and delicious dessert. Sometimes I have added cinnamon and either way it works well.

                            Apple Clafoutis – A Rustic Version
                            Preheat oven - 375 degrees

                            3 Cups of Milk
                            1 1/4 Cups of bakers’ sugar
                            1 T vanilla or one Vanilla bean split and scraped
                            2/3 C All Purpose King Arthur Flour- sifted
                            5 eggs beaten
                            1 ¼ lbs. Peeled granny smith apples, sliced round ways, toss with lemon juice
                            Grand Marnier or Apple Jack– to flavor , or I add a touch of cinnamon to it or both.

                            Confection sugar for top

                            1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees position rack in the middle of the oven
                            And generously butter a 10 X 2 round layer cake pan
                            2. In a heavy sauce pan, combine milk & bakers’ sugar, and vanilla bean (if using liquid Vanilla save with the alcohol and add with that. Make sure sugar is dissolved and reduce the heat. Gentle boil, 2 or 3 minutes and remove from the heat, set aside.
                            3. Measure the flour, and using a sieve sift into a large mixing bowl. Beat the eggs into their own bowl, add them to the flour, a little at a time, mix well with a mixer, scrape the sides down, and clean the paddle. Batter should be smooth.
                            4. Remove the bean from the milk, or now add the Vanilla and or Grand Marnier 1 tsp.
                            5. Gradually take the milk mix, add it to the bowl with the flour, sugar and egg batter. Beat until completely blended. Mixture will be thin, and now pour into a baking pan/
                            6. Arrange several layers of apples over the batter – decorative top
                            7. Bake at 375 degrees for 65 to 75 minutes until it is puffed and firm to the touch.
                            8. Cool on a rack until lukewarm, about 2 hours, Dust with confectioners sugar .
                            9. Serve this flan-like dessert in wedges. I have used whipped cream or even warmed a bit of sweetened cream (with sugar and vanilla) and ladled some of the warmed cream in largish shallow bowl, then placed the wedge on top.


                            1. re: chef chicklet

                              Yay!! I love Grand Marnier too, I seem to use it only in cooking.

                              1. re: morebubbles

                                Now you've done it! I only have 3 apples! I want to make this for tonight's dessert!

                                1. re: morebubbles

                                  oh yes! One night when we went out, not wanting wine, nor a cocktail I drank it over ice. I strongly suggest NEVER do that! After two tiny little cordial glasses I was seeing triple! And I got good and sick too boot!