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Sep 28, 2007 02:25 PM

Sliders? Where to get these little fellas?

I'm looking to find a place that has really great sliders or mini-burgers on the UWS or midtown east/west. I am specifically looking for good quality, maybe kobe. I read that Bouchon has them occassionally.

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  1. PJ Clarke's makes delicious sliders. No qualms with the quality; Kobe is unnecessary since cooking Kobe beef to burger temps pretty much ruins it, in my opinion (that's a different thread, though, huh). Talking about the 55th and 3rd Ave location--can't speak for the Columbus Circle location since I haven't been there.

    1. has anyone had any experience with the Bouchon sliders? Do they serve them on specific days, or is it just a case of right day, right time?

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        1. You can also get them at David Burke's place in Bloomindale's or Shopsin's.

          1. Isn't "kobe slider" an oxymoron? For traditional sliders of superior quality (i.e. White Castle style but made with love), I'd go for Shopsin's on Essex or Sassy's next to the original Papaya King near 86th and 2nd.

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              september cover of bon app featured little owl sliders on the cover. stanton social has a variety, including kobe on their menu. i am a lurker planning a couple nyc trips, so haven't been to either. so no personal opinion here, but i did trip over these recently.

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                The little owl sliders are very good but of the meatball variety, topped with high quality cheese, on really good, cheesy buns. They are also messy! They come 3 to a plate, but the kitchen very graciously split ours into 4 so we could better share.