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Sep 28, 2007 01:54 PM

Breakfast in the East Village

We are spending a weekend in October in NYC; staying in the East Village. We are looking for a good place for breakfast. Not really interested so much in the whole big or fancy brunch scene. We tend to get up early-ish (around 8), so we'd prefer not to have to wait until most brunches start (usually around 10 or 11?) and don't want to have to wait for a table. Good coffee, some tasty pastries or eggy dishes and I am happy.

Any suggestions? We are staying right near Tompkins Square Park.

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  1. The two that I frequent are Cafe Orlin and Veselka. Both very casual, inexpensive and good solid breakfast. If you go early, you won't have to wait at all.

    1. For breakfast/early brunch in the EV, try:
      Cafe Mogador (opens at 9am)
      Caffè Emilia (8am)
      B&H (7am)

      If you're content with takeout (maybe eating in the park?), go to Birdbath (opens at 8am Sat, 9am Sun) for pastries.

      1. Both Odessa and Yaffa Café are open 24/7. Cant get much earlier than that.

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          Little Poland 200 2nd Ave. (12th/13th) - opens at 7 am and serves very tasty, straightforward breakfast fare.