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Sep 28, 2007 01:54 PM

SD/Gaslamp/Convention Ctr dinner?

Staying at the Manchester Hyatt, am not that familiar with SD in general, saw an earlier post re: high end dining but don't know what would be convenient to this area near our hotel. Any suggestions? Prefer Modern/Contemporary American, Italian, steak, seafood, not crazy about more ethnic foods in general but am open to ideas! Thanks!!

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    1. In that general area I'd recommend Chive, Red Pearl Kitchen, Oceanaire Seafood Room, the Gaslamp Strip Club - a little outside the Gaslamp I'd recommend Dobson's or Cafe Chloe, and maybe Currant - on Broadway. It's brand new but promising.

      The Gaslamp gets a bad rap for being full of mediocre tourist restaurants - which it is - but these places shouldn't let you down.