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Sep 28, 2007 01:48 PM

Looking for a Rueben Sammich (Near West Burbs)

Howdy, don't think I've ever pinged the chowhound crowd, but looking for a rec. Standard Rueben Sammich. Rye, kraut, corned beef (might opt for turkey) swiss, grilled. I grew up eating at Manny's - I know where it is. Is there a joint in the near west burbs I can get something comparable? Perhaps a homey diner that takes pride in their food? I know of one spot in Mt Prospect, but it's too far. Looking for near west burbs. I'm starting a diet next week, and I'm feeling like splurging on a Rueben beforehand.

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  1. In Glen Ellyn, Shannon's pub does a very good Rueben. Also, at Egg'clectic in Wheaton Towne Square this morning, I had a smoked turkey Rueben. It came out looking like an open face sandwich, but I put it together and it was very tasty. I have no idea why they plated it that way, but didn't bother to ask as I was too busy eating!

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      A "Reuben" is corned beef, swiss, kraut and russian dressing (not Thousand Island) on grilled rye or marble rye. IMO, turkey, smoked or otherwise, does not a Reuben make.

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        A Reuben with turkey is often called a "Rachel", but I've also seen a "Rachel" as being a completely different sandwich too.

        Sorry, that wasn't as much help as I thought it would be . . .

    2. H.P. Schmaltz & Co.
      1512 N Naper Blvd Ste 152
      Naperville, IL 60563
      (630) 245-7595

      Pretty darn great little deli!

      Where the heck in Mt. Prospect did you find a good Rueban, by the way?!

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        In Mt P, there's a little diner on Central a few blocks W of 83 on the S side of road called "Little America." The rest of the food is standard diner fare - nothing special at all, HOWEVER, they roast their own turkey for their sammiches. So, I used to order a Rueben sammich with their house made turkey, and let me tell ya, if you are ever in the area, the turkey is worth a stop. Yes, a Rueben is not really a Rueben with turkey, but I'm a very picky corned beef judge, and this place carves up a real bird for its sammiches.

      2. One of the great things about the Chicago region is that basically all the "diners" that are predominately owned by folks of Greek heritage have fairly high quality suppliers and a pretty authentic book of recipes. Places like Omega, Mothers Day and Rainbow are do a very servicable Rueben. Not that I'd go outta my way to recommend any of these places for some kind of pilgramage, but when I'm close by...

        9100 Golf Rd, Niles, IL