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Sep 28, 2007 01:37 PM


I need coffee. I'll settle for either an excellent mom n pop style house that's worth schlepping my newborn into and out of the car for OR if someone can advise of a drive through starbucks??? I feel like I've been all over the county looking for good coffee. I like Tazza and Coffee Labs but I'd like to add some places to that list.

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  1. The Starbucks in Rye is very new mommy friendly. I met many other new moms there years ago and still am a frequent visitor. They are currently scouting locations for the first area Starbucks drive-thru. I would have paid triple for one when my babes were little, especially in the winter. Congrats on your recent addition :)

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      Never anything but Dunkin' Donuts for me.

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        I forgot about Cafe Mozart on Mamaroneck Ave. Mamaroneck. Its across from the movie theatre, has great coffee and also serves lunch. Very nice atmosphere with classical music piped in.

      2. If it's just good coffee you crave, even in a paper cup, you might try a cup of take-out coffee from Noka, across the street from the train station in Katonah. Maybe it doesn't come with smooth jazz or a symposium on Schopenhauer in overstuffed chairs, but the coffee is surprisingly satisfying -- better, in my view, than the often over-roasted fare at SBucks.