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Sep 28, 2007 01:36 PM

Best Brunch For Teenagers North Of Boston

We need a special place for Sunday Brunch for a Teenager's Birthday. A few teens, lots of parents & grandparents. Any suggestions?

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  1. When you say "special" do you mean fancy and expensive or funky and interesting? Do you want buffet or menu? It seems like less and less brunch buffets are around? I havent been to brunch for a while but I have heard that Nathaniels in Hawthorne Hotel in Salem is great. Very extensive and expensive. Never been myself. If you like a little something different and want Chinese adventure you could try China Pearl in Woburn for Dim Sum. Nice atmopshere and fun with all the food carts. Joe's American Grille is standard to above chain brunch in Woburn, comes with a brunch drink or fresh squeezed oj for the teens and a bread and sweets basket. I dont know about brunch and havent been myself, but I know that teens love Fire and Ice but that's in Cambridge. My nephew loves it. Also dont know about brunch, but for something different theres the Melting Pot in Burlington. Teens love that too, but have heard its very overpriced. Never been there either.