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Sep 28, 2007 01:11 PM

1 Day Walking Tour...Which Neighborhood

Staying in Mid-Town Manhattan in mid-October, Saturday taking son to Broadway show matinee and having dinner in evening with he and my wife (she's working all day Sat and Sun); On Sunday I would like to walk around an interesting neighborhood with interesting food shops, any suggestions?

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  1. greenwich village. definately!

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      There is a great walking tour on this thread by RGR. Just scroll down a wee bit. Lower East Side...loved it.

    2. The lower east side has some great stuff - quintessentian NY food. Below is a link to a thread that contains what sounds like a fabulous walking tour of the area. Many of the stops are NY institutions. If this does not take all day, then I am sure there are places in Chinatown or SoHo that you could head to.

      1. I don't know where you are from or if this is the first time in the city, but if you indeed do have the whole day, you can walk just about to all the great areas that you'd want to go to in just hours!

        I'd suggest walking from Union Square area west towards Meatpacking, then south towards Gramercy, West Village, then curving around to the Lower East Side.

        That'd take just a few hours - plus a lot of extra time for great shopping and great restaurants.

        1. Greenwich Village or the Lower East Side are definitely the areas to hit. Greenwich Village has everything from American Soul food to Tibetan momos and very varied shops, especially on Bleecker. The Lower East Side, being a historical Jewish enclave has remnants of its heydey in century-old shops like Yonah Schimmel or Russ & Daughters as well as shops catering to the Nuyorican community which moved in to start their life here.

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            Thank you all. Lower East Side and Greenwich Village sound good.

          2. If you've been to NYC before and are now looking for something different, you could take the #7 train from Times Square or Grand Central to Flushing and discover a great Asian walking experience. If interested, ask on the Outer Boroughs board for details.